Man arrested at Margate property following disturbance and arson incidents

Police at the scene

A man was arrested by police in Margate on Friday (August 27) following a stand-off where he is understood to have refused to come out of his property.

Witnesses say officers eventually got inside the property in Addington Road after the door was crowbarred open. One person said officers told them the door had been electrified.

Police were called to the  property following a disturbance report. The man was arrested in connection with that matter and also on suspicion of arson.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “On the afternoon of Friday 27 August, Kent Police arrested a 48-year-old man from Margate following a report of a disturbance at an address in Addington Road, Margate.

“He was also arrested on suspicion of arson, following a report that rubbish bags in the area had been set alight the previous morning. Enquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing and the individual has been released while these enquiries continue.”


  1. Yet another incident reflecting the negative side of the selective liscencing scheme in cliftonville, many of thanets least desirable tenants are now living in the addington /st.johns area but the council has shown no interest in the standard of the accomodation offered in the area.

    • Northdown Road as soon as evening sets in is so dangerous coming up from margate Town. Going down into town. I use a stick to walk and twice iv nearly been hit they swirv to miss me. I can’t run over the road. My friend saw me in danger and she ran into the road arms out to her side shouting for driver to stop. He had the cheak to ask her what she was doing. Northdown Road is used as a racing track. I hate the road. A zebra crossing more so traffic lights are seriously needed. Traffic lights before an accident happens.

  2. Check out Cliftonville.
    HMO every other house. If we filled in a form online with a postcode house look up it returned a list three screens deep for Harold road. That is how many multiple occupancies there are. Now when i do it i get ten houses. (Garlinge)
    If its not immigration from the EU or further afield its from London. Upshot is house prices dragged down or house prices pushed up.

    • But to be fair in Garlinge there is a lot a council housing which tilts the balance a bit. You can look up the HMO’s in thanet by accessing the councils licence list. Often there’s confusion between HMO’s and buildings converted into self contained flats, both of which can be problematic at the bottom end of the market.

  3. I went to cliftonville Monday evening the person we went to see was an hr late. That was an Interesting hour sitting in a van. We sure didn’t get bored watching what was going on around us. Another world.

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