Southern Water says supply should return to properties in Broadstairs in ‘up to 1-2 hours’

Water supply

Southern Water says an issue that left homes across Broadstairs and in parts of Ramsgate without water today (August 28) has been fixed.

But it could take one to two hours for customers to see their water return as the network is ‘recharged.’

The problem was caused by a power outage. A burst main at Westwood which has also caused problems is being dealt with separately.

A Southern Water spokesperson said: “As a result of a power outage in the Broadstairs area, some customers saw a loss of water supply. We investigated, identified and resolved the issue quickly but as we now recharge the network it could take up to 1-2 hours for customers to see full supply return.

“Customers may see some discolouration as a result of air bubbles, this will slowly disperse, but running taps can also help. It is ok to use water as normal.

“A burst main nearby is being worked on separately, we will use tankers in the area to ensure customers stay in supply.”

The lack of supply resulted in the closure of businesses including Under 1 Roof Thanet in Pysons Road and Subway and Greggs, as well as the public toilets, at Westwood Cross.


  1. Another strange coincidence for Southern Water – power cut and burst water main. Remember the ‘lightning strike ‘ and dumping sewage to save profits?

  2. “Customers may see some discolouration as a result of air bubbles, this will slowly disperse, but running taps can also help.”
    So who pays for the water we run down the drain to get rid of the discolouration?

    • How would that work?
      If the main is burst, that’s that. If repairs take a long time, then the water company will supply stand pipes and/or bottled water.

  3. Chris T..there is no back up because Soutgern Water are at best incompetent or at worst corrupt and arrogant.which us the direct effect if a monopoly

  4. There has been a steady stream of water running down Boundary Road in Ramsgate for the best part of a month! Its a faulty valve by the looks of it, at the junction with Chatham Place. I reported it to SWA about 3 weeks ago, and was told it had already been called in the previous week, and they were waiting permission from the local authority to close the road! This isn’t rocket science, the water is coming from a faulty valve, and so far it must have meant millions of litres of water have been wasted running down the road! And there’s ma being cautious not to waste water, Duuurh!

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