Major water mains burst leaves properties in Broadstairs without water

Southern Water

A major water main burst at Westwood Cross has left properties across Broadstairs and the Northwood side of Ramsgate without any water.

No alerts have been issued by Southern Water but a recorded message says the company is aware of the issue and working to get it repaired.

Water to homes and businesses went off this morning and it is understood the Food Warehouse at Westwood has suffered some flooding due to the burst.

Businesses including Under 1 Roof Thanet, in Pysons Road, have had to close with no timeline given for when the burst will be repaired.


Southern Water says: “We’re aware of water supply issues in the Broadstairs area are working quickly to investigate the problem and restore supply to customers as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We’ll provide another update soon.”


  1. Perhaps if Southern Water employed more people issues like this would get sorted quicker.
    Sorry, shareholders come first. I forgot.

  2. Phyllis. If you are going to buy shares in companies at least make sure they are ethical not water poisoning firms like Southern Water.
    Water has been coming out of a manhole in Boundary Road Ramsgate for the past 5 weeks. Nothing has been done to stop it.

  3. These public assets were virtually given away by a Conservative government. There followed thirteen years of Labour government when I don’t remember any discussion of the issue though there was clearly plenty of time to put it right. As far as I know only the Greens are committed to returning the water companies to public ownership; but they’re just a load of cranks aren’t they?

  4. Tony, yes you are right Thatcher sold off billions of pounds of companies that were in public ownership in addition to council houses at much less than their market value, daylight robbery of the public’s money on an unprecedented scale. Robbing councils of billions of pounds of Assets and rents. Many of the council houses were purchased NOT by the tenants but paid for by relatives of the tenants to be sold years down the line for big profits. The Tories have not had one long term policy that has been successful NOT ONE , Brexit is no exception we now have food shortages and companies going broke due to losing their exports.

  5. Paul, 20,000 Foreign drivers went back to their home country after Brexit. Figures from the government office of national statistics hence shortage of HGV drivers hence food shortages hence empty shelves in supermarkets starting to appear and becoming worse.

  6. Southern water again in trouble, and my bill has just increased by £10 per month and being pensioners l cannot see why we have suddenly gone to using loads of water

  7. If it’s anything like the water leak which has been all over Boundary Road for the last month or so then I wouldn’t hold your breath. I don’t even want to imagine how much water has been wasted.

  8. There has been a water leak in Boundary Road by the nursing home for over 10 days and it still hasn’t been fixed Southern Water talk about not wasting water but they waste more water than any consumers do is it going to be and 2 weeks before this leak is fixed by Southern Water … TAP

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