Bid to flatten former Ramsgate home of wrestling star Jackie Pallo to be debated by councillors again

The property was once home to Jackie Pallo

By Local Democracy Reporter Jordan Ifield

British wrestler Jackie Pallo’s former Ramsgate home is once again up for debate as plans to flatten it for housing return.

Ozengell Farm was the home of the wrestling hero until his death from cancer in 2006, aged 80. His son, Jackie Jnr, and wife Trixie continued to live at the property. Trixie died in 2013.

The four-bed property was gutted by fire in March 2018, believed to have been deliberately set. Ramsgate and Margate crews were called to the site with 16 firefighters and four fire engines at the scene during the height of the blaze.

Mont Blanc Developments Ltd are planning to demolish the gutted property and build 6 new houses. The plans were previously refused in 2019 and an appeal was also dismissed in 2020.

Planning officers have recommended that the new plans are also refused due to road safety.  The farmhouse is on Haine Road which is unlit and lacks a footpath, leaving pedestrians exposed to road traffic.

Rubbish at the site in 2018 Photo Adam Dark

Commenting on the application KCC Highways said that the proposal was “essentially the same” as the one refused last year.

Two of the houses would be 3 bedroom, and the other 3 houses 4 bedroom.

Before the fire

The site has been troubled since the fire in 2018. It has become a source of fly tipping, vandalism, homelessness and a man was found dead at the property last year.

The farmhouse sits opposite to Grade II listed Ozengell Grange, built in 1711, but the house is not listed.  A barn next to Ozengell Grange is also Grade II listed and was built between the 14th and 15th century.

Jackie Pallo

Jackie Pallo dominated TV screens in the 60s and 70s in British wrestling’s heyday. He became British Heavy Middleweight Champion in 1969.

Thanet District Council’s planning committee will meet on Wednesday, August 18.


  1. I will offer to the buy the site from the developer, on the condition I can get planning permission to build a 6 bedroom house with swimming pool and tennis court, cinema room.
    Garages/ out buildings In / out driveway and I would pay for that part of the road roadway to be illuminated by 2/3 lamppost. I would also want high security fencing combine with blackthorn bushes with 4 foot deep ditch on the sides and rear of the property. My offer of £750,000 for the freehold still stands. I had no reply last time.

  2. ALL planning permissions should be refused everywhere unless if it means people are forced to use cars instead of walking and/or buses.

  3. Demolition of the remains of the building, clear the site, and upgrade the Haine road, it’s the worst kept, dangerous road layout in Thanet. Ask the person who lives in the Grade two building how dangerous it is to get in and out of that property.

    • Spot on Slim Jim, this road will become very busy when the new rail station opens. Duel carriage way it.

      • I agree, cpo it and widen the road to dual carriageway. Without planning permission it has no value as building land and this the cpo shouldn’t cost too much.

  4. Yes CPO that land it was alright in horse and cart days but not now. Ann you have all those things at North Foreland what do you want that site for. ?

  5. TDC could grant planning consent conditionally on the basis that the developer pays entirely for the Haine Road to be upgraded, footpaths built and for it to be lit. Then watch the developer Mont Blanc put it back on the market as any profit opportunity would have been lost.

  6. Why don’t we knock down all properties that are on plots big enough for 2 or more houses then squeeze on as many boxes as possible. That way we could ensure that everywhere looks the same and no one has to worry about doing the gardening?
    I suppose the problem would then be that the roads would not be big enough, not enough GP’s or school places, no jobs……althogh if we do it little by little no one would notice?

  7. I agree with people above saying widen the road… widen all roads. Knock down more houses. We can’t have the 2-5 mins you occasionally have to sit in traffic it’s a disgrace. I hope we throw loads of tax payers money at it… we must eradicate all traffic slow downs. It’s the blight of the country.

    I didn’t roll my eyes once typing that.

  8. I will offer £1 so I can donate the land to TDC for road widening, once that station is built traffic is going to be a nightmare and safety in that area is going to be hell. But I’m sure nothing will happen there till someone is killed.

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