Grassroots Margate venue Elsewhere to host ‘Pride Eve’ celebrations

Grove is on the bill for Pride Eve at Elsewhere Photo Luke Tubbs

As music venues continue to reopen amid the lifting of covid restrictions live music promoters Art’s Cool and Margate’s grassroots music venue Elsewhere have announced what they have in-store for Margate Pride 2021

Following 18 months of logistical stops and starts that were brought about for the entire live events industry as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Elsewhere is now starting to welcome people back and looking forward to its part in the annual Pride event.

Taking place the night before official Margate Pride festivities ensue, Margate based promoters Art’s Cool have curated a ‘Pride Eve’ line up that features some of the leading sonic trailblazers from the UK’s DIY LGBTQ+ scene with Lynks, Grove and Pink Suits all performing on the night of Friday, August 13 at Elsewhere.

Photo Joshua Atkins

Lynks, formerly known as Lynks Afrikka, merges visceral industrial pop, drag and a legendary live show and has established a name for themselves remarkably quickly, even tipped by star Elton John as one to watch.

Photo Khali Ackford

Meddling together elements of punk-infused dancehall, jungle, bass and pop, Grove is a Bristol-based producer and vocalist. Grove’s work comes from ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies.

A sharp new voice for 2021, Grove released their new EP ‘Queer + Black’ earlier this year and has already earned plaudits from The Times, Mixmag, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 and many more.

Based in Margate, Pink Suits are a Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo who formed in 2017. They specialise in loud aggressive political punk as well as dance, physical theatre, film and art. Their work is an exploration of sexuality, fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and a resistance of binary gender expectations.

Following the live performances, audiences will be treated to DJ sets from electronic pop producer Art School Girlfriend and song-writer/lyricist Isaac Holman.

Advance tickets to the Pride Eve Party featuring Lynks, Grove and Pink Suits are on sale now and more information can be found here

Advance tickets are on sale at