Thanet Cogs Clubs mark ten year milestone

Marking ten years of Thanet's Cognitive Stimulation Therapy clubs

Two Cogs clubs in Thanet have celebrated their 10 year milestone.

The clubs, in Cliftonville and Ramsgate, reached the anniversaries in July.

Cogs Club sessions are not therapy but are based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) and are a non-drug related treatment for memory problems. The programme is normally run as a two-hour session, twice a week, over seven weeks but instead of two hours a COGS Club offers a day of activity, stimulation, music and fun for a person with mild dementia.

The sessions are from 10am to 3pm, every week, for as long as a member can benefit from the activities.

It provides the opportunity for people to recall or develop new skills in activities and to transfer these skills to activities at home. It also provides the family/carer/significant other with a day’s respite.

Most clubs are run by volunteers of an organisation like a church or Age UK or Crossroads Care or a Care Home.

Subscriptions are from £8 – £25 depending on the overheads for the organisation running the club

For more information see the Cogs website:  or contact: Jackie Tuppen RN, BSc Hons, Specialist Practitioner  Textphone: 077 435 934 13   or email:  [email protected]