Popular Manston Kookiedoe vegan dessert business gets set to expand

Kookiedoe staff member Fran (left) and owner Elyese (right)

A business that started out online in March after a ‘craving’ for cookie dough has proved so successful that it already has three employees and there are plans to expand to a physical shop space.

Kookiedoe is run by Elyese Van Aalst who has taken on three staff and has husband James on hand for deliveries. The couple, who live in Woodchurch near Manston, came up with the idea in February after Elyese had a sudden craving for cookie dough.

She said: “I had this craving and James made me some. We realised it was a vegan recipe and after looking at competition we found we could cut prices and be cheap but still have great tasting cookie dough.

“We opened in March and we now have quite a few loyal customers.

“It is all vegan so no diary or animal products. We also have lots of gluten-free options.

“The kitchen is now fully run and managed by females. We want to expand our products and, maybe down the line, have proper vegan meals. We would like to be the vegan McDonald’s in the future.

“But it isn’t just about ‘being for vegans.’ This is also about intolerances and making sure this is a product that everyone can enjoy.”

The cookie dough comes in bite bags or family size tubs with classic choc chip and salted caramel being the top sellers. There are also ice cream, doe pie and fun colour cookie doe kits on offer as well as iced tea and ilkshakes.

Elyese and James had been running a video promotion/advertising business before the pandemic but with restrictions closing traders or limiting their offering demand dwindled.

However, the online format of Kookiedoe was perfect for reaching customers and the business has grown at an astonishing rate.

Selling via their website, Uber Easy=ts and just Eat, the pair are now looking at shop areas to expand Thanet’s first all-vegan dessert service to with Westwood Cross a possibility.

Elyese said: “We’d love to have a shop front and a kitchen where people can watch it being made and a café area. We are looking at lots of different avenues.”

Find Kookiedoe online here and on facebook here