Photos: Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run gets underway

The Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run is underway with vehicles making a leisurely trip around the Thanet Coastline.

Buses set off from Ramsgate this morning and will make 23 stops, before ending their run at Ramsgate railway station at 4.30pm.

The run follows Pride Of Thanet’s original bus route, service number 69, which followed a route from Ramsgate, through Broadstairs, Margate and Westgate to Minnis Bay.

Picture: Carl Hudson

There will be special ‘photo stops’ made at Dumpton, Palm Bay, Margate, Minnis Bay and Manston.

The run has taken place most years with a wide variety of vehicles from many different operators.

No fares are charged but there is a collection for Thanet Cats In Crisis.

Passengers will be issued with souvenir tickets along the route.

Picture: Frank Leppard

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