Promising teenage football player from Margate paralysed after fall from cliff

Frazer Jardine had a promising football career ahead of him

A Margate teenager has been left paralysed from the waist down after falling from a cliff in Ramsgate.

Promising footballer Frazer Jardine,17, was with friends last Tuesday when he stepped over the hand-railing at the Westcliff. Sadly he slipped, falling around 20ft and landing on his back on the rocks.

The fall resulted in Frazer breaking his back in two places and severing his spinal cord.

The teenager was blue-lighted to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and then transferred to Kings College Hospital in London.

The former Hartsdown student has undergone surgery but doctors have told his family it is unlikely he will walk again.

Older sister Yasmine said the family are grateful that Frazer is alive as his injuries could have been even worse if he wasn’t wearing his backpack filled with clothes and a towel.

The 26-year-old said: “He was at the Westcliff with his friends and had gone over the railing to stand on the rocks when he slipped and fell.

“He landed on his back and we are lucky he had his backpack on as he could have been killed.

“We do not think he fully understands how serious it is. He is conscious and talking and is being very brave.”

Frazer trains at Whitstable Football Academy where he is also studying for his A Levels. Yasmine said the academy will keep his place open for study despite his injuries.

The talented youngster was also due to have a trial for a club in Spain.

Yasmine said: “There is a really long journey ahead now. The hospital said Frazer will be paralysed but there is always that hope for a miracle.

“He has always been the one in the family who would be running around and doing something sporty and now his whole life, and my parents’ life, is going to change.

“Frazer has always been very active. He is someone everyone loves, even his primary school teachers have messaged us. He was always running around and has always had incredible energy.”

Frazer is due to be transferred to specialist hospital Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury which has  the National Spinal Injuries Centre, one of the largest specialist spinal injuries units in the world.

As yet, the family do not know how long Frazer will be in hospital.

Yasmine has set up a fundraiser to help her parents with costs for travelling and anticipated future expenses that will likely include everything from house adaptations – such as widening doorways – to equipment such as a wheelchair.

She said: “We have no idea what we are going to need. My parents are so hardworking but they will need to travel and there is so much that we don’t even know yet.”

The fundraiser has already had donations of almost £5,500 and Yasmine says Frazer and her family have been overwhelmed by the response from people.

She said: “We couldn’t believe it, we have not got around to personally thanking everyone but it is so overwhelming.”

Posting to social media Whitstable Town coach Josh Algar said: “One of our Whitstable Town Academy players Frazer Jardine, a hardworking and valued player was involved in a tragic accident that has resulted in serious life-changing injuries. We are all deeply saddened about this news and are doing everything we can to support Frazer at this incredibly difficult time.”

Channel 4 will be filming Frazer’s journey for the 24 Hours in A&E programme.

Find the fundraiser here


  1. Frazer, keep your strength up and battle your way back to fitness. It will be a hard slog but if anyone can do it, you can. You must keep your head full of positive thoughts and tell yourself you will succeed. There are ways of winning and you are still young.

    My blessing are sent to the whole family on this devastating news from last Tuesday evening. Kids do perform to their peers without really thinking. It was just an unfortunate incident, but leave that behind and think of how you are going to get past this and give Frazer what he needs to succeed. A long road ahead which has changed everything so stay positive and know people are thinking about you as well as Frazer.

  2. “Channel 4 will be filming Frazer’s journey for the 24 Hours in A&E programme.”

    Erm, surely they already have filmed it?

    Anyway, I hope he makes the best possible recovery.

    • Thanks for the correction, though the words “24 hours” and “A&E” are obviously misleading (must confess I’ve never seen the programme).

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