Teenage boy assaulted and robbed of phone in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Police are appealing for witnesses after a teenage boy was punched and robbed of his mobile phone in Ramsgate.

Between 9.25pm and 10.20pm on Sunday (July 25), the victim was walking down Wilfred Road near the alleyway which leads to Newington Road, when one of three men on the other side of the road shouted to him, requesting a cigarette.

When the victim responded that he did not smoke, the trio, described as one white and two black en, approached him and demanded his mobile phone.

He attempted to run away but the suspects demanded all of his belongings, with one man reported to have a knife.

A black Adidas shoulder bag was stolen, containing a blue Samsung A215 mobile phone, a bank card, a gold coloured iPod, headphones and wallet.

During the incident, the victim was also punched a number of times before he was able to leave the scene.

It is believed the suspects left in the direction of Ramsgate railway station. Fraudulent use was later reported on the victim’s stolen bank card.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/132424/21.

You can also contact Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or by filling in the online report form.


  1. SCUM.
    Let me guess, the people who carried out the assault are just mis-understood.
    Grown men stealing a teenagers belongings, bunch of parasites!

  2. i thought things were a bit quiet this week on the stabbings and muggings front ! the only reason this scum do this is because they know they can get away with it .

  3. Three more lowlifes that need to be locked away from society until they can prove to be useful honest beings.

  4. i expect she is already thinking of a way of sugar coating it ! , lock them up ( in a proper prison ) and throw the key away. they are of no use to society or life in general.

  5. It’s a well known fact (amongst the better informed) that banging people up doesn’t change behaviour. 75% of prisoners go on to reoffend, probably using hints and tips they gained in prison.
    Alternatively, criminals could be banged up for life – but that would cost tax payers £45,000 per inmate per year.
    For how long would you bang up a motorist who’d killed someone? Or someone who’d been a benefit cheat?

    • Someone in prison isn’t reoffending. Someone in prison isn’t using up police, emergency services, hospital time and money, someone in prison isn’t terrifying their local community wasting local resources and making people’s lives a misery.
      As much as you might not agree with taking criminals out of society the vast majority of people want the scum off the streets and imprisoned. The majority of us believe that the social justice experiment of trying to keep criminals in the community has failed and only empowered the feral youth and criminals and fails as a deterrent
      Benefit cheers are thieves who are taking money away from the rest of society and deserve to be treated as criminals. The real victims of poverty are the ones who suffer when criminals cheat rape the benefits system.
      You can’t sugarcoat the fact that criminals are scum and belong behind bars.

  6. Cut their hands off and tattoo their head with the word “Scum” for the world to see.

    Hopefully they catch them via the use of the card.

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