Man who hid from police in Cliftonville coal bunker is arrested on threats to kill, weapons and drug charges

Image Kent Police

An electric cattle prod and a flick knife have been recovered following an arrest by officers investigating a report that threats to kill a person had been made.

Police received a complaint that threats to kill had been made against a person on 20 July.

Officers attended Edgar Road in Cliftonville on July 23 and the suspect was spotted running away from patrols. Officers carried out a search of the area and found the man hiding in a coal bunker in Dalby Road.

Further enquiries led to police seizing a number of weapons, including batons, an electric cattle prod, an air weapon and a flick knife.

A 39-year-old man, of no fixed address, was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon, possessing firearms, possessing class A drugs, and threats to kill.

He was released on bail until Wednesday 18 August pending further enquiries.


    • It doesn’t say when it was reported to them People do not for various reasons always report a crime the same day or even the next, it can often take months, weeks or even months for them to be convinced to come forward. The way it reads is the threats were made on July 20th, but likely not immediately reported.

  1. Released on bail??? No fixed abode? Threats to kill ? Weapons? Are the police hoping he will commit a more serious crime to make it worth while catching him again??

  2. we need our police to be a bit more like their fellow officers in the USA , any one armed like that – WHACK = game over , no need for court cases and cushy prisons , now lets wait for some one to defend the waste of space. as for cliftonville this just sums the place up – again and again.

  3. Don’t use mental health as excuse, to many try that. End of the day some people are just nasty doesn’t make them mentally ill. This excuse in law needs closing and your right weapons,etc then released on bail bloody joke

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