Staff shortages cause disruption to Stagecoach services and reduction in open top bus timetable

The Open Top Bus Photo Stagecoach

Stagecoach bus services in Thanet and further afield have been hit by drivers having to isolate due to Test and Trace.

Routes have been affected by the staff shortages and even the open-top bus, which runs between Ramsgate Boating Pool and Broadstairs Stone Bay, has had its timetable reduced for the rest of the season.

A spokesman for Stagecoach South East said: “We are continuing to run the vast majority of our services in Thanet, including our essential local bus routes, however we have had to change some scheduled journeys as a result of driver shortages. Sadly we’ve also had to make the tough decision to reduce the operating days of the open-top service for the rest of this season – it will now operate only at weekends and Bank Holidays through to September.

“Like many businesses, we’re dealing with staff shortages at this time, with some colleagues needing to self-isolate as a result of being contacted through Test and Trace.

“In cases where there is an impact on our services, we are providing live updates to our customers through our app, website and our Twitter feed @StagecoachSE.

“At a time when Covid-19 is continuing to impact the shape of transport services, we need to make the best use of resources to ensure the widest benefit in our community.”


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  2. (1) How many of these people have really been “pinged”, and (2) Who is actually checking to make sure they’re isolating?

    • What a cynic you are.
      With huge numbers if infected people around, it’s astonishing that there’s anyone *not* been pinged.
      100,000s attending sports events, either at the venue or packed into local pubs; on public transport to anf from these events; nightclubs opening up with absolutely no restrictions; face covering and social distancing optional.
      Don’t forget, too many bus drivers have died of CV during this pandemic. Research by TfL found that bus drivers were 3 times more likely to die than other workers.

      • Do you really believe most of those rampaging yobs in Wembley bothered with track & trace? I don’t.

    • A taxi driver having a pop at professional drivers lol

      And what qualification do you need to be a taxi driver ? None. Just an old beaten up , smoking old banger a car. As TDC turn a blind eye.

      If I had my way no taxi could be older than 6 years old and all drivers need to have be advanced driving level.

      So unqualified taxi driver I wouldnt knock professional drivers if I was you. And going to the pub with your work mates after work is not against the law.

  3. When that “ping” goes (or pretend it goes), you just know it’s time to put your feet up for a few days

  4. They aren’t short due to self isolating. They are short due to drivers leaving due to awful working conditions!!

    • Plus a lot are leaving other driving jobs such as bin drivers, coach/bus drivers etc. To go to HGV if they have those licences as the pay for HGC is going up daily because of the demand for HGV drivers now

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