Prolific Thanet shoplifter jailed for offences at shops across the isle

Jailed: Lena Brown

A prolific shoplifter from Thanet has been jailed for 16 months.

Lena Brown stole from shops in Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate during the course of a few weeks in March and April 2021.

As a result of her actions, she breached her three-year Criminal Behaviour Order which had been in place since 2019, banning her from entering any retail premises across Thanet involved in the Thanet Shop Safe Scheme.

Shortly before 3pm on Saturday, March 20, Brown went into the Savers store in Margate where she grabbed three handfuls of cosmetics. She was challenged by staff and responded by turning out her trouser pockets which were empty. After she had left, CCTV footage confirmed the items had been hidden on her person.

During the afternoon of April 1, she was seen selecting toiletries from the Wilko store at Westwood Cross and concealing them in a bag. Her actions were challenged by a member of the public, resulting in Brown abandoning the stolen items worth £90.

Seven days later Brown returned to the store and stole children’s toys and laundry detergent, hiding them in a bag before walking out. Staff realised what she had done when reviewing the CCTV later.

Then on April 10 she went to the Co-op in Minster and stole around £80 of goods including lamb steaks, chicken fillets, cheese, juice and laundry pods. A customer flagged up the theft to staff and the matter was reported to police.

Officers from Thanet’s Victim Based Crime Team identified Brown as the offender and she was arrested and charged for the four thefts and for breaching her Criminal Behaviour Order.

The 32-year-old of no fixed address admitted the offences at court and appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (July 19) where she was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Senior investigating officer, Sergeant Mike Franklin of the Thanet Victim Based Crime Team, said: “Criminal Behaviour Orders are given to those who have shown themselves to be persistent in nuisance or criminal behaviour. Each order will include restrictions specifically aimed at stopping that person’s behaviour.

“Lena Brown has repeatedly stolen from shops throughout Thanet and I am pleased the judge recognised the severity of her breaching the order and imposed a custodial sentence. Theft is never acceptable and I hope the retailers affected by her crimes will be reassured to know she is behind bars.”


  1. The photo released by the coppers is just the worst one (or the wrong person) they could publish.(ifno applier)

    Its possible many human rights type of lawyers will arrive free of financial gain and recover cash from the coppers and iotn.

    Outings use to be a nice way to visit other areas !

    There are more serious issues that need urgent action, hey who wants to front page splash local murders when they advertise estate/lettings agents ?

    Thanet is such a lovely place but needs unique policing and serious intervention fron tdc.
    so many nice people here, hey its lovely meeting like mined locals.
    Sorry to say when the nice people move on, they area will become a free for all sorts of sales people.

    Seen it all before but hopefully no murders will happen. Tdc can prevent so much they control the purse strings.

  2. Has anyone considered there may be a mental health problem ?. I had a friend 50 years ago who had to steal everything, he had to attend court with over 100 offences of theft some were boxes of cholicates that he didn’t need . he did get help and now is a chef in a London resturant in fact he owns it.

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