Warning over scam ‘resident parking’ letters for ‘Charabanc’ event in Westbrook

Letters about resident parking permits in Westbrook are a scam (google maps)

Thanet council is warning of a scam letter asking people to apply for resident parking permit for the summer holiday because of a Charabanc event.

The letter, headed Public Parking Consultation Notices and purporting to come from Thanet council, says a project called Community Charabanc is due to run from the end of July and through the school holidays with 52 open-topped vehicles visiting ‘Westbrook Esplanade’ and adjacent roads three times a week.

The letter then says: “We are appealing to our local residents to relinquish any unnecessary vehicles or unofficial parking areas in order that we can assist in this community project. Therefore, all vehicles not parked on a private drive or garage must apply for a local resident parking permit.”

The letter, however, is fake.

Thanet council has issued a warning via social media, saying: “We’ve been made aware of the circulation of fake Public Parking Consultation Notices, asking residents along seafront carriageways to apply for ‘local resident parking’ for the duration of the summer holidays. These letters are fraudulent, so please discard and ignore them.”


  1. Not helped by another recent hand-delivered flyer asking residents to support the proposed controls on overnight parking of caravans and caravanettes. Also not official and not even signed by either an individual or group.

    • This is a survey questionnaire organised by KCC highways and not TDC. KCC highways are asking for views for against overnight parking of motor homes from 18:00 – 06:00 the following morning i.e no overnight parking in 4 separate area’s. Cliff Road Birchington, Sea Road Westgate on Sea, The parade Westbrook, Royal Esplanade Margate and Palm Bay Avenue Margate. To agree or oppose you had until 19th July 2021 to put your views.

      This has come about because at times there are up to 17 mobile homes parked along Sea Road Westgate with none of them moving for weeks. In 2020 notices were placed along Sea Road Westgate on lamp posts. stating “No Over Night Parking” KCC Highways now wish top regularise this hence their decision.

      There are now signs at the Sunken Gardens Royal Esplanade Westbrook car park stating “No Over Night Parking” CCTV has been installed with one assumes wardens telling people they are not permitted to stay over night otherwise they will incur a fine.

      • It hasn’t been implemented yet has it? If so then they are not obeying this on Palm Bay avenue as the same ones that have been camping there for 16 months continually have been joined by others for the summer.

      • The hand delivered letter is not from KCC. KCC do not ask residents to support controls, they ask for views. The overnight parking can be an issue however the vans will just move to the sea facing ends of all the avenues that aren’t covered in the proposed ban, e.g. directly in front of homes blocking out light and using up the very limited on street parking outside of homes. On the seafront side of the esplanade they do neither. The issue needs a more intelligent solution, for instance allowing overnight parking in Barnes and St Mildred’s car parks and Charing a fee for it, which would also discourage the anti social behaviour that the empty night time car parks attract. Overnight bans will not solve the problem.

  2. At least it’s a good picture from goggle maps who must be in competition with google… 😂

  3. Perhaps the council should supply a designated site where the mobile home owners can rest over night and the owners can dispose of their waste water and effluent rather than potentially use the drains on the public highway.

    Check and see how many mobile homes are parked over drains all day and night.

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