Kent Police campaign to target anti-social behaviour

ASB campaign in Thanet (Image Thanet Police)

Nuisance and abusive behaviour are the focus of a week-long campaign which is being supported by Kent Police.

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness Week will runs this week (July 19-25) and has been organised by Resolve, a national agency which specialises in community safety.

Throughout the week advice on the support available will be shared online and this will be done on top of the work officers carry out on a daily basis. Work is done in partnership with agencies, including councils, with the aim of preventing incidents and ensuring robust action is taken against perpetrators.

Superintendent Pete Steenhuis, from Kent Police, said: “Anti-social behaviour is committed by a very small minority of people but it can have a wide-reaching impact on a community.

“We know from our engagement work that members of the public sometimes feel hesitant to make a report to us because they believe what they are experiencing does not warrant police action, but that could not be further from the truth.

“Abusive and nuisance behaviour has a significant impact on an affected person’s quality of life and is not something that should be tolerated.

“Each day our officers work hard to achieve good results for the communities they serve and they will always pursue the most robust and proportionate options available to them.

“Anyone affected by anti-social behaviour is encouraged to contact us so we can take action.”

Kent Police consists of 13 distinct policing districts, with each one having a designated Community Safety Unit. Officers within the units often deal with ASB and work closely with councils and business holders to respond to incidents, share information and implement preventative measures.

Partnership work has led to Public Space Protection Orders being created in areas including Thanet. The Task Force covering Thanet also builds on the work to provide a concentrated response on an affected area.

In February 2021, Kent Police also created the Problem-Solving Task Force, a force wide resource that consists of 21 Police Community Support Officers who have received specialist training in identifying patterns of concern and bringing long term change.

Kent Police’s community focused approach means officers have achieved numerous good results for affected neighbourhoods. Recent examples include securing a Closure Order against a house in Invicta Road, Margate, due to reports of drug dealing, large gatherings and excess noise.

Advice on ASB

Throughout the week, Kent Police will be sharing advice on what to do if you are affected by ASB and members of the public are encouraged to follow Kent Police on social media.

Policing teams will also be patrolling their communities and anyone who wants advice, or to bring an item to their attention, is welcome to engage with them.

Further information and advice can also be found by visiting:

Anyone affected by ASB is encouraged not to tolerate it and to make a report via the Kent Police website, or by calling 101.


  1. Broadstairs library has become a mecca for the winos of Thanet,due to Broadstairs Education accommodating them.
    The accomodation has already been trashed by them,on more than one occasion.
    They congregate on the bench,outside the library,drinking and hurling insults at each other and the public.
    All their cans and bottles are left lying there,along with the disgusting smell.
    They even go to Crampton Tower,now known as Trampton Tower,annoying the elderly folk as they pass by.
    All fueled by supplies from the corner shops.
    Police constantly called,to no avail.

  2. Winos, from Broadstairs Education Centre,are a daily nuisance.They congregate outside Broadstairs Library,drinking and swearing at passers’ by.
    They have an ame supply of alcohol,thanks to the corner shop and Budgens.
    Police are called,but what deterrent is there?
    They have already trashed the accomodation centre,on more than one occasion.
    Just another area of pollution cast on the people of Broadstairs.

  3. One week! Most definitely not sufficient, there is such a wide range of ASB that affects almost all of us, to each person it can be an absolute nightmare. For me it’s speeding cars, bikes and quads that scream along our country lane, the noise that some of them make is to say the least, annoying and they know it, I literally feel I could do these morons some serious damage given the opportunity, the scenarios that go through my mind, I really don’t like being in that person.

  4. I’m tryig to report some ASB.
    So, because it’s not actually life threatening, I go onto the Kent Police Webste. There I click the options about ASB .. and it directs me to phone 101. So, I phone 101, and a message informs me that there’s an exceptionally high volume if calls, and if my complaint isn’t absolutely crucial, I should use the website …

    • Because the local police in general are useless. Local area is overrun by druggies and louts egged on by a local pub who think they are untouchable. Report to the police, they say they will sort it and call back. They never call, so it leads to the belief that they don’t bother.

      If they won’t bother, then it starts to become the case where others think why should we.

      At the end of the day, just keep on at them and maybe something gets done, but I wouldn’t bank on it…

      • I should probably put in context, when I say local area, I don’t mean Ramsgate (although Ramsgate in general isn’t that great either) but the parish I live in.

  5. Start cracking down on the boy racers with the illegal exhausts and the motorbike riders who seem to think it’s ok to drive around Palm Bay, kings gate and Ramsgate at close to 100 miles an hour. I witnessed a brainless idiot nearly roll his pimped out mercedes at the top Elmstone road. It’s disgusting, dangerous and sooner rather than later one of these brain dead idiots is going kill someone. Thanet seriously needs some traffic cops to tackle the menace of the boy racers who really do think they own thanet’s streets.

  6. This campaign makes me cross. They have had numerous reports of anti-social behaviour over a long period of time by many residents in our street against a couple but have done absolutely zilch. The amount of evidence collected over three years and has not been looked at or even asked for by Thanet police. They have no interest in policing behavioural issues and the Task Force are just the same. They all pass the buck between themselves and the Council but nobody takes a blind bit of notice to how a community is being destroyed by this couple.

  7. Margate beach had hundreds of kids taking drink and drugs on Sunday, and what is it with these gas cannister balloons?!?!?! It’s like it’s overrun with Zombies!!

  8. Even when the police are called to an incident they take 3 to 4 hrs to turn up that’s even if they turn up at all.

  9. What’s the point of phoning the police when they them selves drive past anti social behaviour and look the other way so as not to have to deal with it. Good example is people having a rave on Margate steps this last weekend.

  10. To add to my last comment, I want to say I dont blame the police in Thanet. Who I do blame for lack of responce is the deadsh×ts in Thanet council and KKC who take more than 150k a year. This is the reason there’s no money left in the pot to protect and serve the tax payer who pay the wages.

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