Man arrested after report of dog being stabbed and owner assaulted in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Kent Police attended a report of a man being assaulted and his dog stabbed in the face during an incident in Ramsgate last night (July 19).

Police were called to the incident in the town at 9.19pm. A man has been arrested and remains in custody.

A witness said: “The dog was stabbed in the face. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly thankfully and hopefully missed anything important. Police escorted pup and owner to the out of hours vets I believe.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a disturbance in High Street, Ramsgate at 9.19pm. It was reported that a man was assaulted and his dog suffered wounds consistent with a stabbing.

“A man in his thirties has been arrested on suspicion of assault, animal cruelty, criminal damage and possession of cannabis. He is currently in custody.”


    • Ramsgate is no different to anywhere else in the country. there are scum bags everywhere. maybe stay at home if you are that concerned

      Im more concerned about the dog being hurt if im honest!

      • It definitely is worse than most in parts of margate and ramsgate. When you go to other towns across the country most don’t have anywhere near the same number of aggressive no hopers as here. It gives me a bad view of English people until I leave this place

    • Places to avoid.
      Cliftonville twinned with Beirut
      Millmead twinned with Jaywick
      Ramsgate… Couldn’t get a twin.

      • Exactly that. My 1st thought was for the dog & not the owner. As for Ramsgate being the same as all other towns, well it seems so as there’s a post stating a stabbing in Margate today also!!!!

        • “My first thought was for the dog ..not the owner”? I think you’ve got your priorities wrong.

          • Humans can look after themselves and they are stupid enough to injure each other then that’s human nature and not a lot we can do, deliberately stabbing a dog is far from ok by any means!

          • There are very few facts about this incident, and we don’t yet know who or what was the aggressor.

          • Marva no Maria hasn’t there are more dog lovers out there than you realise, I think you are in the minority, many people do not like to see animals hurt, has a dog ever bitten you in the past Marva ?it would explain your dislike of dogs if one did, did it survive the poison you showed towards it? It would explain a lot,

          • Marva Rees- I don’t think my priorities are wrong, humans can be vile, uncaring, & disrespectful & some are out looking for a fight. This dog & any other can’t speak for themselves & he was protecting his master who is a homeless man. If the offender didn’t have a knife on him I’m sure he would’ve backed off once the dog started growling & barking. Unfortunately some people can’t sort out a problem/issue by talking it through like adults or settling things with a handshake & a pint, they have to use knives & weapons which doesn’t make you a man in my eyes.

        • I have been living in Ramsgate – a few minutes’ walk from the town centre-for several years and it is just a normal town.

          • So have I & it’s definitely gone from a normal town to an abnormal one in the 40 yrs I’ve lived here. I suggest you take those rose tinted glasses off & see things as they really are!!!

      • Maria Parker- are you saying that you care more about the dog than his unfortunate owner? (The details you give are not provided in the article.)

        • Yes I am, the man frequents the town centre daily with his dog. I’ve given the man dog food for his dog. The man was offered a room at a night shelter throughout the winter months which was extended until early next year & he refused it as preferred to be outside with no rules & doing what he’s doing. The dog unfortunately has no choice in the matter. So yes I do have more concern for the dog than the owner.

        • Maria Parker- How would you define the difference between a “normal” town and an “abnormal” town?

  1. I love the people who compare Cliftonville to Beirut as if it’s some kind of warzone. Clearly you’ve led a very sheltered life… Beirut is classy and cool anyway so maybe the comparison was intentional. I love Ramsgate – it’s buzzing. I live in the town centre and it’s got so much colour and life and lots of independent businesses and creative people. Scumbags here too, of course, but then you can’t let a few idiots or lowlifes get to you. Hope the poor dog isn’t too traumatised.

  2. Would hold out hope that they throw the book at this idiot but he’ll probably get a fine and community service thanks to the soft courts we’ve got.

    • Spot on. When the police catch the scum the courts let them off time and time again. I know a few cops and they are sick of it. They catch the same scum for the same offences time and time again only for the liberal judges to give them yet another chance to reoffend. The feral kids and and the scum laugh in the face of the law.
      Until society realises that social justice does not work and criminals belong behind bars we are all forced to live with rising crime and violence on our streets.

      • The “liberal judges” can only impose sentences allowed by Government.
        This government, the one that’s “tough on crime”.

        Banging people up doesn’t actually stop them from offending. It keeps them off the streets for a while (at our expense). But 75% of offenders re-offend.

  3. has martha become TDC ,s public relations officer ? she cant seem to find a thing wrong with this dump .

  4. Just another day in the mentioned location, the area is a free for all for activity’s considered anti social.

    Tdc need to understand what is going on, police are working on a reactive basis with campaigns just to keep up their conviction numbers to please the number crunchers/press. Tdc have the cash and authorisation to prevent further issues.
    Tdc please make a difference before murders happen. You know it makes sense.

    Why was the east cliff promenade cordoned off with proper police in attendance this morning ?

    Seems pspo’s are a waste of time if there is no 24hour enforcement.

    So come on Tdc, x consider rearranging these words- remove, please fingers, rectums.

  5. Ramsgate is a very friendly place .The streets are as safe as any other town night or day. You get scum bags in every town.

  6. Horrible vile individual maybe he would like to be stabbed in the head idiot fine him and criminal record

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