Thanet council prosecutes over alleged illegal evictions

Canterbury Crown Court

Thanet council is prosecuting a manager of rental properties in Cliftonville for alleged unlawful evictions.

Mrs Sohila Tamiz, manager of privately rented properties in Athelstan Road and Hadlow Drive, is being prosecuted for breaching the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

The defendant appeared before Canterbury Crown Court on December 15, 2020. Three other defendants, Adam McChesney, Pedram Tamiz and Kasem El Dharratt,  appeared at Folkestone Magistrates Court on March 31 2021, and then on May 17 and 19 in relation to the same and other cases at the property.

The cases have been sent to Canterbury Crown Court to be joined with the main proceedings. The Crown Court case now has four defendants who will be tried in regards to allegations of unlawful evictions and harassment associated with the management of properties in Athelstan Road. The defendants deny the allegations.

Under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, tenants are protected from both unlawful evictions and harassment. It is unlawful for a landlord or other person to deprive a tenant of their property without following the correct legal process which requires an order from the court before a tenant is removed, even where there are arrears of rent.

It is also an offence to interfere with the peace or comfort of the tenant or their household with the aim of causing the tenant to leave the property.

Thanet council says it will investigate alleged offences and prosecute those who may be responsible for unlawful eviction when in the public interest. A person convicted of such an offence is liable to a fine and/or imprisonment of up to two years.

Thanet council is asking anyone who may have information or has experienced harassment or believes they have been evicted from their property unlawfully to email at [email protected] or by phone on 01843 577437.



    • About 500’people live in Athelstan road , some homes are in brilliant condition, some as we speak are being upgraded, if you bulldoze where do you suggest rehousing the families. Lets keep improving the area rather than unwarranted negative comments.

  1. I know of a large landlord in the East Kent area who didn’t carry out its annual gas safety checks, electrical safety checks etc which endangered the life of its tenants. Who do I report that to ?

      • Think you’ll find that it was a loaded question . It was the local authority. Despite all the court actions and fines against private landlords that fail to as they should . TDC made do with a letter to tenants along the lines of

        “ we ‘ve not done what we should, we’re very sorry and will make sure improvements are made” , they also laid blame on the now defunct East Kent Housing , whilst conveniently neglecting to say they were 25% owners. They have then employed ex East Kent Housing staff to run the new social housing department.

        They’ve also appointed the following company to carry out fire safety works , well worth a read of the link.
        The company was not the cheapest bidder , but chosen on grounds of cost and quality. It’d be interesting to see that justification.

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