Broadstairs man jailed by Perth court over sex assaults in hot tub ‘using his feet’

Daniel Crees has been sentenced at Perth Sheriff Court

A  Thanet man found guilty of sexually assaulting women by rubbing his feet against their private parts has been jailed.

Daniel Crees, 46, stood accused of committing seven offences during birthday parties in the Perthshire village of Stanley between May 18 and June 22, 2019. Perth Sheriff Court  heard he had assaulted victims who were wearing swimsuits whilst in a hot tub when he touched their private parts with his feet.

Despite denying the charges Crees was found guilty at Perth Sheriff Court on June 10 of four charges against four different women and an additional public disorder offence.

Offences took place just days after he returned from getting married in Las Vegas. Crees and his wife separated when the allegations were made.

Crees, who is now estranged from some of his family, was placed on the sex offenders register after being found guilty last month following his trial.

Today (July 15) Crees, whose address was given to the Perth Sheriff Court as Broadstairs, was told there was ‘predatory element’ to his offences and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.


  1. Speaking from experience, it is near impossible to see a sexual predator put behind bars so this is great news. I was sexually assaulted by a stranger at a theme park (whilst with my children) who was traced by police using CCTV of the incident. I have no idea where in the country my attacker was from but I was reassured he doesn’t live in the south east. It doesn’t matter whether this hot tub incident happened in Scotland or Kent – If a local person is responsible I want to know their face so they can’t harm myself or my children. I’m sure my attacker’s neighbours would like to know they’d commited such a crime when they were away from their local area but I don’t know if it was made public and I don’t need to know tbh. The police were great but I had to push for months for anyone to check the CCTV that had been recovered in the days following. It paid off and they traced him through his bank having made a credit card purchase minutes after the assault. Buying souvenirs for his wife and child. These people are disgusting and don’t have a conscience when it comes to putting their body parts where they like. Speak up and eventually the puzzle pieces may fit together to lead to a conviction and a criminal record for the scum who think they can get away with it. Apologies if this has brought up any difficult feelings for anyone but I just felt I should say why I think this is a relevant, local story. For all we know some of the victims may be from Thanet and were on a family holiday with him in Scotland.

  2. Crime committed in Scotland by a predator now residing in Thanet. It’s very local and people need to know the truth up and down the uk

  3. Why has it taken 2 years to get him into court? The Metropolitan Police Officer who raped and killed that poor woman in London, lived in Deal! He was being investigated for exposing himself in public, so there must be a link! What could be going through this numpties mind “I got away with that, so I will go on to attack a woman?”

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