Train delays at Birchington caused by family of swans on the line!

Not your usual reason for delays Photo Network Rail Kent & Sussex

Passengers travelling on Southeastern trains through Birchington last night (July 1) faced an unusual hold up.

Forget the old excuse about leaves on the line – last night it was a family of swans causing the delay!

A tweet from Network Rail Kent and Sussex showed a snap of the swans on the line and said: “Apologies to Southeastern Railway passengers if you were delayed in the Birchington area last night – our team were struggling to move this family off the tracks as mummy and daddy swan were very protective of their cygnets. Working for Network Rail requires a variety of skills…”


  1. Wonderful pic of the family of swans, thanks Kathy and Network Rail, have had to rescue some at Brooksend Birchington after Swan left some of her youngsters behind so put into box and they were hand reared by RVN Fran Partridge while I was Thanet Wildlife Rescue volunteer with her using her salary to treat many orphaned, ill, injured or displaced wildlife, started with hedgehogs! Unfit to do it now and Fran shielding too for her family.Well done

  2. i dont know why they just didnt run them over – they are like trains some more will come along sooner or later

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