Continuing covid restrictions forces cancellation of yet more summer events in Thanet

Broadstairs Water Gala 2019 Photo Carole Adams

The delayed date for lifting the final covid restrictions, coupled with a rise in cases of covid due to the latest variant, has meant the sad cancellation of more summer events in Thanet.

The annual Broadstairs Water Gala cannot be staged with all its usual activities this year.

There will still be a family fun fair at Victoria Gardens, on July 30-August 1 with gift and craft stalls along the promenade to enjoy.

Water Gala organisers say: “We aim to bring back Water Gala in 2022 when we can once again arrange a full day of fun beach , water and bandstand activities without the restrictions that are currently in place.”

Revival Fair Photo Brian Whitehead

The planned Addington Street Revival Fair in Ramsgate has also been postponed for this year.

A statement from organiser Becky Wing says: “It is with very heavy hearts that given the present rise in Covid numbers, the nature of our Revival Fair and the Covid safe protocols we would have to put in place that we simply cannot run this year’s Revival Fair.

“We are all volunteers and restrictions mean we cannot even offer training for our stewards on the day. We are not a ticketed event so cannot control numbers and in addition to create space stall numbers would have to be drastically reduced and only one side of the street used.

“We would not be able to have live music or street entertainers because we simply cannot create the appropriate social distancing. Like everyone, we were praying Covid numbers would continue to decline and we were hopeful a further reduction in lockdown would have happened on June 21. Sadly it did not.

“As Chair I would have to sign off on all Health, Safety and Covid safe measures and having tried to look at so many options we simply cannot do what needs to be done without extra funding, resources and changing the nature of the Revival Fair to such a degree it would simply not be what it was. We are sorry but the safety of all must come first.”

Margate Made Photo Sinead Le Blond

The Margate Made annual Summer event has also been cancelled.

Organisers Sarah Gibbons and Vivienne Rose, who as Shoreline Partners also run Westgate Galleria and The Eclectic Art Gallery in Margate Old Town, said: “It is with heavy hearts, and only after much thought, that we are letting you all know we will not be running a Makers’ Market Event this Summer.

“The visitor numbers, the training of volunteers and stewards, the activities and the entertainment are impossible for us to deliver effectively and safely whilst the pandemic is still restricting how large events are promoted and run.

“We have fingers and toes crossed that a big Christmas Event will be possible, and are talking to potential indoor (and outdoor) venues now, so please watch this space and the events page on for updates.

Please do drop us a line if you would like to be involved this coming winter as a volunteer, a host, a supporter, a sponsor, an activity lead or as a maker-seller/stallholder – [email protected]

The Beat, due to perform at Dreamland on July 8, have also rescheduled gig dates to 2022, saying: “Tickets already bought will be honoured, and refunds will be available at point of purchase. I know we’re all saddened by the delay, but I think we can be confident that this will be a safer experience for everyone than if we had been on tour right now.”


  1. Live your lives you still drive…burn your mask (carefully see paragraph 2)

    For each age-group under 25, fewer have died with Covid than on average die from road accidents over a typical 16 week period.
    For each age-group under 45, fewer have died with Covid than on average die from accidents and injuries over a typical 16 week period.

  2. yep – spot on , nothing working class will be allowed , but all the a***oles will be at wimbledon and wembley.

  3. Yes it’s all a conspiracy. Yawn

    Luckily being a moron isn’t a transmissible as covid.

    The reason those figure are true is BECAUSE we have had masks and social distancing and events haven’t been run. If we hadn’t of done anything like you all seem to be suggesting the numbers would have been much higher. How stupid do you have to be to not work that out?

    • So justify how we can have huge crowds at football matches and tennis, and jolly old ascot. but much smaller events are banned? sod all to do with numbers or tin foil hat brigade, its one rule for them and one rule for us.. simples..

    • Not suggesting that at all. Masks n distancing where essential before the mass vaccine. Now the FACTs show covid is 24th on the cause of death list I UK. BTW I am not stupid. Note to moderator that told me any invective or perjorative language would be blocked…

    • Here here. Don’t forget they are not being told to cancel, it’s their decision Some events will feel it’s ok to go ahead, others not. Nobody is saying they cannot happen

    • Exactly right, Mr Not Impressed.
      Unfortunately, nothing like 100% of the population has yet been vaccinated.
      Infection rates (and long covid and death) are rising fastest amongst the under 50s, because they mostly have only had one dose.
      Children haven’t had any vaccine at all, yet there are no interventions in school at all now.
      It ain’t over. Foolish (yes, foolish) notions that think it’s all ok to let rip will end in huge misery for many, many people.

    • G7 folk were publicly laughing at the little people with their press agency photos of the attendees masked and unmasked, distancing for the pix, and mingling in others. It’s almost as though they are begging people to wake up. And the experimental gene therapy, not out of its trials until 2023, is shown to be extremely concerning in terms of deaths and vaccine damage, and deaths from the so called Delta variant numbering 67 per cent amongst the jabbed ironically (MHRA, EMA, CDE, PHE stats). Where will we be in the next decade as viruses come and go and mutate regularly, and vaccines remain ineffective and dangerous to some. Will we accept imprisonment or freedom – a good life for the younger generations or perpetual fear and mental health for some at rock bottom?

  4. Odd how the population will be quite happily paid to do nothing and demand zero risk from covid , but do little or nothing about the other risks they take on a daily basis. Well past the time we got on with our lives, we’re told the vaccinations work and everyone has more than enough information to choose what they personally wish to do. The unfortunate few that are unable to have the vaccine and or have serious ( medical bor the result of lifestyle /personal choice) underlying issues should be looked after by the state.
    Are the cancellation decisions based on law or various individuals interpretation of guidance? As has been pointed out there have been several big events sanctioned in recent weeks.

  5. You can go to Wembley with 60k others for the euros final but you cant go a few local effects !

  6. Please Cancel Broadstairs Folk Week. It’s a car crash waiting to happen , there’ll be no social distancing it’s impossible, people from all over the country , impossible to do covid tests as many things are instantaneous , and it’s over 7 days throughout the whole town , just watch the covid figures go through the ceiling here in a week or so after !

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