Photos: On set in Broadstairs with The Larkins

The Larkins stars Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlon in Broadstairs Photo Steven Collis

Ramsgate resident Steven Collis took these marvellous photos of The Larkins cast and crew in Broadstairs yesterday (July 1).

The six part comedy drama is a remake of the ITV series The Darling Buds of May. Bradley Walsh takes lead role as Pop Larkin and Joanna Scanlon as his wife Ma.

The cast and crew have been filming at the Walpole Bay Hotel and Broadstairs seafront.

Photo Steven Collis

The original series starred David Jason as Pop, Pam Ferris as Ma and was the breakthrough for Catherine Zeta-Jones who played eldest daughter Mariette.

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It was broadcast between 1991 and 1993.

Based on a 1958 novel  by H E Bates the 1950s set tale follows the lives of Pop, Ma and their six children in rural England.

Photo Steven Collis

Other stars for The Larkins remake include Bradley Walsh’s son Barney Walsh as the village policeman PC Harness and Peter Davison as the vicar.


  1. bradley walsh – he has to be the greediest person on tv at the moment , you dont know where hes going to turn up next . and i suppose that filming brought the cost of 4 ice creams in to thanets economy.

    • It’s called working. It’s what he does for a living. Why would you have a problem with that?

    • Try living in the Real World and think of the interest this film making brings to Thanet. People will watch the films, ads, music videos and programmes then decide to visit Thanet bringing their money with them.
      You have to think out of the box. Bradley Walsh has his own series and presents The Chase on tv but that is not being greedy. He is talented and people love to watch him.

      • More worrying what they find when they turn up-the council etc make an effort when supposedly important people are here, but then people turn up & see the rubbish tip it is the other 50 odd weeks of the year.

    • You can hardly blame him for taking work offered to him. Is he overexposed? Yes. But blame the networks who keep throwing offers at him.

    • real world, what an absolute cock you are! I’m confident Bradley Walsh has brought more into Thanet in five minutes he’s been here than you ever will.

    • It has nothingto do with greed you shallow individual. Bradley is a very much loved and popular showbiz personality and works extremely hard. He is also a very personable man who does a lot for others less fortunate, so go troll someone else

      • Well said Sheelagh, my daughter has been on set with him throughout the series and has nothing but praise for him, he treats everybody with respect regardless of their station in life.

    • I loved darling buds of may and the original actors that was in it.. but that was then, this is now and with Bradley in it, it should be hilarious..looking forward to seeing it..

  2. Cannot wait to see the remake of the iconic program, the actors ere Ideal for these parts
    Excellent casting.

  3. well said steve ! if its going to reflect the area why not film some of it in cliftonville ? and not just that overpriced hotel before you mention that. mind you they would have to work around the police raids.i notice hes got his son in it with him – with 0 acting experience = nepotism ?

  4. big nose – he was here for 5 minutes – copped the cash and cleared off back to surrey or some other stock broker belt ! you do seem rather defensive about this very average actor / entertainer ? am i missing something.

  5. Was watching a old dvd,of ramsgate,filmed in 1957. Took my breath away of how beautiful it was,model village boating park,pleasurama building and broadstairs too.Also michael aspel in margate,in the 70s. How things were better back then.unlike today. Need to have a time machine.

  6. Loved the original..
    Bradley is goin to make it just as good..
    Looking forward to seeing it..

  7. Bradley’s been on telly 35+ years and one of the best comedy actors and gameshow host on The Chase on itv I have ever seen, and I’ve been watching him on telly since the 80s and I’m so looking forward to this great actor/comedian/TV game show host in this remake of The Darling Buds of May,The Larkin’s Go Brad and his son Barney as the village policeman one of your dedicated fans, Violet (Vi) XXX.

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