Health campaigners to hold demo outside QEQM Hospital

Nurse and councillor candy Gregory

This Saturday (July 3) health campaigners will call for a better NHS for patients and staff.

The protest, organised by Save Our NHS In Kent, will take place outside Margate’s QEQM Hospital.

Candy Gregory, of SONIK, said: “Our protest is about patient safety, pay justice for NHS and social care workers and the end of the privatisation of the NHS.”

Candy, who is a registered nurse and local Thanet councillor, says she has been bitterly disappointed at the government’s response to Covid.

She said: “I was disgusted, too, by the behaviour of Matt Hancock and by the prime dismissive attitude of his colleague’s wrong-doing. While instructing the population to isolate and deny access to even close family, Mr Hancock appeared to ignore his own rules. This all points to a deep hypocrisy and deceit in government at the highest level. His resignation letter infuriated those who have lost loved ones by its minimising the impact that such a loss in a badly managed pandemic brought about.”

Candy also questions how health contracts have been handled by government.

SONiK is currently fundraising for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Public inquiry appeal.

The SONIK protest is part of a day of national action called by health campaigners. It will start outside Margate’s QEQM hospital at noon.


  1. Matt Hancock was actually carrying out his own scientific investigation. He was trying to find out what he might catch if he didn’t wear any PPE protection, up top, and down below.

  2. Perhaps Candy Gregory could spare QEQM another exhibition of her attention seeking behaviour?

    As a nurse can she enlighten us about maternity wing doctors twenty or more years ago questioning whether Thanet water supply was contaminated.

    • What a vile man you are. You have form on harassment of genuinely decent professionals. It’s you who should be spoken to under caution.

    • What on earth would a general nurse at the QEQM know about water contamination? Why would they? Your previously (possibly) legitmate concerns about the water supply have become an obsessive stick by which to beat anyone with who doesn’t share your absolute and increasingly unhinged rantings. Pack it in man your embarrassing yourself.

    • You must be seriously deranged mate if you think that Candy Gregory is responsible for any of the issues you have mentioned. I shall be outside QEQM supporting all NHS workers on Saturday

  3. Richard Card what a ridiculous and nasty comment. The post is about a protest at the hospital, and has nothing to do with your conspiracy theories.

  4. Richard Card – what on earth are you talking about? Did you read the article – Candy Gregory, of SONIK, said: “Our protest is about patient safety, pay justice for NHS and social care workers and the end of the privatisation of the NHS.”
    How could a local nurse know about or have any responsibility for water contamination? This is nonsense.

  5. Card has water on the Brain let’s hope the NHS can treat him as he tries to undermine people who are trying to save it

  6. Richard Card. You have form on harassing & intimidating people eg MPs, councillors & campaigners, who try & help the community as they cannot respond in the way you want them to for your conspiracy theories. I have never met you. You know nothing about me & we have never communicated yet you put all the ills of EKHUFT maternity scandal at my door despite myself not being a midwife nor having worked in EKHUFT or primary care for over 25 years. SONiK cannot take your conspiracy re water contamination on board as we are no experts on these matters & why you think we are is very odd. The judicial review is in the public domain for all to see in the open & again was nothing to do with your water contamination theories. It was purely our efforts to save stroke victims having to travel over an hour for time critical treatment. I am not attention seeking but speak out on matters close to the community heart eg our NHS so find your accusations & assertions most irrational. Please refer yourself to your GP who will assist you with your issues.

  7. Richard Card should probably be banned from commenting. He is obsessed with a narrow range of conspiracies and blames people who are totally unconnected! Not to be taken seriously!

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