Vintage store Pie in the Sky joins UpMargate at The Centre

UpMargate microshops

A vintage store joins the UpMargate site at The Centre, meaning the retail space aimed at attracting fledgling businesses is fully let for the first time.

LCP, the national commercial property and investment company which manages The Centre now has 12 retailers operating from UpMargate.

Pie in the Sky vintage emporium will join other start-ups, including an art studio, sportswear shop, vintage furniture seller and handmade bags and clothes.

Owner Eisha Miah says she is looking forward to opening her first non-virtual store after launching Pie in the Sky in June last year. She sells high-quality vintage and retro clothing, accessories and gifts, primarily inspired by culture from the 1960s-1980s.

When she opens this weekend (July 3), she will also stock a select line of handmade clothing and gifts.

Eisha said:  “As a newcomer to the town, UpMargate was recommended to me by a friend. It can be very difficult to launch an effective small business with rental rates being so high, but the collaborative approach UpMargate takes seems perfect as I am able to keep costs down whilst still being able to grow my business. Better yet, it allows me to contribute to the growth of Margate and support other fellow creatives and small businesses from the area.”

UpMargate was the first of LCP’s Microshops, which it has billed as an exciting opportunity for retailers who want to try their first bricks and mortar selling space. The site is curated by Sarah-Jayne Cook from House of Spangled Ltd, who also runs the nearby Margate Superstore Vintage Clothing.

Each retail pod, which is let on an affordable, all-inclusive, flexible monthly contract, is also suitable for artists, craftspeople and designers.

Iain Minto, asset manager for LCP which manages the site on behalf of landlord Evolve Estates, said: “Since we opened UpMargate in November 2019 we’ve been pleased to attract a great range of independent retailers and visitors who really love the whole idea of the creative maker-space.

“It’s a busy centre with high footfall, so ideal for local, independent traders who want to try out their business. I’m pleased to have signed up the last tenant and wish her every success in her new venture.”

LCP has launched microshops in seven towns where it owns and manages retail centres: Margate, Aldershot, Thornaby-on-Tees, Govan Cross, Airdrie, Penicuik and Ipswich.

All of the microshops occupy vacated larger stores in LCP’s retail centres and have been carefully fitted out to create a modern and fun environment where occupiers can brand their own space.


  1. my experience of those sort of shops is , its normally overpriced old cack you can buy in the pound shops !

  2. LCP may manage some (unnamed) shop in Aldershot, but I really don’t think that makes the ‘Isle of Thanet News’ of interest in this area.

  3. a pile of old over priced rubbish dressed up as retro ! whats the difference between the old mothball ridden clobber in a charity shop and the ” vintage ” clothing – about 50 quid last time i looked.

  4. I’ve never found any “mothball-ridden clobber” in charity shops. Clothes donations are steam-cleaned before being hung up in the shop for sale.

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