Dreamland cancels big screen showing of England vs Ukraine Euro match

Fans on stage after England won the match on Tuesday

Dreamland has cancelled the big screen showing of the Euro match between England and Ukraine tomorrow (July 3).

The decision follows some disruption at the park during the game between England and Germany on June 28.

Dreamland hosts a 1,000 seater fan zone, with giant screen, live DJs, and food and drinks brought to the table as part of its Summer Social events.

The disturbance took place as England clinched victory with some park customers throwing beer ,turning up tables and rushing on stage – with one fan letting off a flare.

A statement from Dreamland says: “It is with huge disappointment that we are announcing the cancellation of the showing of England vs Ukraine at Dreamland Summer Social on Saturday.

“The England vs Germany game on Tuesday saw a number of individuals decide to ignore the rules and restrictions that we had put in place for the benefit of everyone’s safety, and that is not something we could have happen again.

“The team has worked hard this week, including seeking advice from police and licensing, and were hoping that steps could be taken to ensure that a safe event could be run. However, we do not feel that we have had the time to conclude this work and cannot therefore have confidence that the attendees would behave as they were asked to.

“We will be working hard on getting everything in place in time for the semi-finals and will communicate our plans ahead of that.”