Margate RNLI called out to assist motor cruiser with engine failure

Call out for Margate RNLI

Margate’s two RNLI lifeboats were in action yesterday (June 30) after a motor cruiser reported machinery failure off the town’s coast.

The 9m long vessel, on passage from London to Ramsgate with three persons on board, contacted UK Coastguard around 2pm reporting they were at anchor close to the Nayland Rock off Margate harbour and had suffered machinery failure. The vessel was disabled and assistance was requested.

Margate’s D class inshore lifeboat was requested to launch by the coastguard in order to assess the situation. The lifeboat was soon on scene and it was established that the vessel’s machinery problems could not be rectified and after assessing the situation the lifeboat’s helm made the decision that undertaking a tow was necessary and the safest means to assist the vessel.

As Ramsgate was the nearest safe and suitable port Margate’s larger B class inshore lifeboat was launched and after checking on the welfare of the casualty vessel’s occupants took the craft in tow to the safety of Ramsgate harbour where they were met my Margate Coastguard Rescue Team. Once the casualty was secured alongside the lifeboat returned to station.


  1. I thought the RNLI was all about saving lives at sea, not a “get you home for free” service.
    If your boat breaks down, and you’re safely at anchor, phone for a commercial tug.
    I hope the rescued skipper made a large donation to the RNLI

    • i don’t think you know what the RNLI is all about at all or what you are talking about. Do you honestly think they should have been made to wait for a salvage tug with no working engines, they would most likely ended up in more danger if left they were probably unable to recover the anchor without power probably in shipping lanes or any other bad place to anchor probably got no lights anyway not going to last long on batteries alone without being able to charge them. you might think the RNLI is a free breakdown service & you can just pull over & wait for help out there but thats because you haven’t got a clue about what fantastic work the RNLI really do day in day out. Also i doubt that you have experienced engine failure at sea because you don’t seem to understand dangerous it could become, i speak from experience as to how frightening things can become & how quickly things can go from bad to life threating. So the RNLI is all about saving lives at sea & they do a bloody good job of it

  2. The RNLI (to whom I contribute quite substantially) is indeed all about saving lives at sea.
    These hapless mariners could equally have requested a tow, rather than the assistance of not one but two lifeboats.
    They were in no danger. According to the article, they were anchored off Margate Harbour. They weren’t in a shipping lane.
    I know quote a lot about engine breakdowns at sea. For some years my son was a marine engineer on proper ships.
    Again I say, I hope the rescued skipper made an appropriately large donation to the RNLI, and a few beers for the lads wouldn’t have gone amiss.

  3. If the RNLI didnt go to this boat to sort it out….. Then they would be savin lifes out at sea…… Prevention is better then cure!!!!

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