Drop in covid vaccination clinic to be held at Saga site for all aged 18 and over

GP hub offers jabs

A drop in covid vaccination clinic will run at the Saga site in Ramsgate on Saturday (June 19) and is open to anyone aged 18 and over.

The clinic, run by the Margate/Mockett Wood GP hub, will be open from 9am-1pm and 1.30pm-5pm and will be offering the Pfizer vaccine for first and second jabs. Second jabs must be at least eight weeks after the first jab has been received.

Dr Ash Peshen, who is part of the GP hub team, said: “We want to push so as many people as possible can get the vaccine.”

Dr Peshen (centre) and vaccination staff from the GP hub at Saga

The team vaccinates between 2,500 and 3,000 people per day. They currently operate from the site on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Earlier this month the GP-led team celebrated reaching the milestone of reaching 100,000 doses given.

The GP hub has operated at Saga since March. Half of the building was being used by Kent Community Health Trust for its vaccination programme.

The health trust is due to finish at the site on Saturday ( June 19) but the GP hub vaccination clinics will continue. The health trust exit will not affect vaccinations as all second dose appointments will be completed.

The drop in  clinic on Saturday is open to anyone in Thanet and adjoining areas.

GP hub vaccination clinic at Saga reaches 100,000 dose milestone


  1. My guess is we will all need a new jab every year like the ‘flu vaccine! I urge everyone to get vaccinated, if not you could kill me or people like me! I am elderly, with 2 life threatening lung diseases, and a heart condition. if I catch the virus it will almost certainly kill me! I have been vaccinated, but its not 100% effective, and may lose its potency within a few months. One third of people with the virus don’t know they have it, which is why I agree that people working in the care industry MUST be vaccinated, if not they could kill the people they are supposed to be caring for! Make it compulsory, because if Care workers are not immunised they could kill the very people they are supposed to be looking after!

    • Unfortunately a lot of people cannot due to health reasons of their own, also it is as you say not 100% effective by any means-even if people have both jabs. Then you have the other problem of many people not wanting to be injected with something by pharmaceutical companies, with horrendous records of trial data cover-ups-including participant deaths & illness & knowingly selling products that cause harm-such as J&J with their talcum powder that they are still selling here & in Europe now, despite being told by their own employees in the 1970’s about the risk of mesothelioma & they should switch to corn starch instead & who are still fighting judgements against them where they are supposed to be paying billions.

      Basically the entire world is being injected with something we have no idea whether shenanigans have gone on & no long term data of the potential health implications of down the line-like developing autoimmune diseases, so lab rats. Many younger people who are highly unlikely to suffer any serious side effects of it are not going to take the potential risk of allergic reactions, side effects & potential health problems down the line or even death when the average death age is somebody in their eighties.

      • Steve, you are a deluded person indeed. You are serving your fellow humans very badly.
        In the UK alone, 70 million jabs have been administered. The number of serious side effects (beyond a sore arm etc) is vanishing small.
        The consequences of vaccination for flu are very well known. There is absolutely no reason (other than in the minds of a few nutters) to think that Covid Vaccines are any different.
        If you care about your parents, your brother and sister, your uncle, aunt, grand parents, the old geezer down the road, yourself, then get vaccinated.

        • 100% agree with all of your comments. Unfortunately, the internet gives the uneducated a platform to spout very damaging, wrong information to other uneducated people who believe it. They then pass this misinformation on to others. Get vaccinated.

          • No Johnson. You think because you agree with mainstream news you are right and them people are simple minded. Maybe some of them are. But they are right to question. You are wrong to not

      • Steve, how many people do you know who have died of Cow Pox, Cholera, Typhus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough, make your own list of killer diseases that have more or less been wiped out by medical science over the years, since vaccination began? No one has the right to kill me because for some strange reason they do not want to vaccinated against Covid, it should be made compulsory for everyone to be vaccinated, its the only way to stop this killer disease!

    • Unfortunately Dumpton having the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread and to ask young people to rush and get the vaccine possibly sacrificing their immune system and having to rely on boosters through their ages is not fair. Also dumpton the death figures are tiny and even they are a bit of a con as if you die with it in your system you are added. You are much safer than you think. Because its in the news and we are being told its dangerous we are worried. 9 peopled died yesterday. How many died of other things? How many years have our hospitals been over full (alot more than this year) due to bad winter flu bugs. We have to start questioning them more. Turning on people because they don’t want the vaccine is wrong

      • So many of your comments are wrong. You and people like you are the problem, not the vaccine. Go and educate yourself with Science and not rubbish you read off of Facebook.

      • The vaccine does help stop the spread of the virus.
        You say “only” 9 people died yesterday of coronavirus in the UK.
        At the height of the pandemic, over a 1000 a day were dying. So far, more than 150,000 have died (equivalent to the population of Thanet) – a situation that was only brought under control by strict lockdown.
        We now have effective vaccines, and a majority of the adult population has been vaccinated .. but not enough yet.
        It is untrue to say that a lot of people cannot be vaccinated because of underlying health conditions. Most vaccine hesitancy is caused by irresponsible stuff such as that posted by the likes of Democrat, steve and Trete.

        • Andrew Steve made some valid points. You just don’t like your mainstream news opinions being tested. If people wanna have it then great and if they don’t then their life shouldn’t be impeded by a government on a slippery slope of dominance over us

          • Why do you keep referencing ‘mainstream news’ ? The BBC have not convinced me to get jabbed – science, an understanding of how vaccines work and my GP helped me make my mind up. Your uneducated comments are damaging and you should keep quiet if you cannot back up the rubbish you preach. I hope vaccination passports are introduced so I don’t end up sitting around a pool with morons like you. The anti vaccine lot are getting as bad as Vegans – if you don’t want it, don’t have it and don’t force your misinformation onto others.

        • Ha ha good work Andrew. Vax hesitancy was a term conjured up by the Behavioural Insight Team folk who weaponise psychology for fear control. There’s a Sunday Times best seller book on it all just published with full details of the propaganda scam ‘A State of Fear’ by Laura Doddsworth. ‘In one of the most extraordinary documents ever revealed to the British public, the behavioural scientists advising the government said that a substantial number of people did not feel threatened enough by Covid-19 to follow the rules. They advised the government to increase our sense of ‘personal threat’, to scare us into submission.’

          • And you are attempting to scare us into what, exactly?
            You publish your absurd opinions, yet when challenged to justify your statements you abysmally fail to do so.

          • I think that advising the government to make it clearer to the public what the risks of coronavirus were was a reasonable thing to do, as a large number of UK residents did not seem to be taking the pandemic seriously.(Many of them still aren’t.)

  2. The government hasn’t been firm enough. If it had, there would have been far fewer deaths from Covid in Britain.

  3. As the recent MIT Boston University study said, the vaax skeptics have used the science and turn out to be better informed. So says ex Supreme Court judge Lord Sumpton as well. Steve and Trete are quite right. Isn’t it interesting how poster boy champions for experimental gene therapy jabs are pretty abusive without having any firm grip of the facts themselves. These jabs aren’t through their trials until 2023 and the lists of adverse reactions and deaths across the world are now truly frightening. There’s a 3016 per cent in women tragically losing their unborn children after the jab, according to the latest MHRA figures. The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy has written to the MHRA recently demanding that they halt the jabs based on the large numbers of adverse reactions and deaths. Far more than any other jab in the last 20 years. Many fully vaccinating workers or groups are testing postive for the (unisolated) virus as well. The shouting down of other opinions and slurs are a fascinating indication that some are losing the propaganda battle. The word of mouth is growing noticeably on the grave problems from those who have experienced side effects and deaths from surrounding families, pharmacists, doctors and nurses, care workers, scientists, opticians etc. etc. Also the amount of loved ones placed on DNR notices in hospitals without consent from anyone – many of which sadly died. A well-respected journalist has many detailed stories and yet 28 new editors refuse to touch the story as it is too hot to handle. They can all be heard on the Richie Allen show.

    • I think it’s quite clear who is doing the “shouting down”.
      And my understanding is that the “battle” is the one against the dreadful coronavirus pandemic.
      Perhaps you’re fighting a different “battle”

      • The pandemic made by science you preach about Andrew. This came out of lab if the stories are true. I know we aren’t talking about vaccinating children right now, but zero children without serious health conditions have died from Coronavirus. On average 5 healthy children die from the common flu per year in the UK. Thats a pretty strong indication to how dangerous this is for young people. The average age of someone dying from coronavirus is in their 80s. Alot of them had pre existing conditions which they would have died from (especially through the winter months) but with corona in their system was added to the list. Johnson why do you travel abroad to sit by a pool anyway? You can do that anywhere. Let young people have their freedom and stop being swallowed into the whole hype that if someone crosses your path they are gonna kill you with corona. Trying to cut off young people’s lives just because you haven’t looked after your health and scared of it and they don’t want to sacrifice theirs

        • There is no credible scientific evidence that this coronavirus was made in a lab, either in China or anywhere else. It would have suited some political agendas were that to have been the case, no doubt.
          I’m not sure if you (and “Democrat”) really don’t understand, or if you are malicious trolls doing your best to kill people.
          Flu isn’t CV. Flu is highly symptomatic. If you’ve got it, you know you’ve got it, as do your family and friends. You put yourself to bed with a Lemsip, and they keep out of your way. CV is an asymptomatic spreader. For several days after you get it, you don’t know you’ve got it, but you’re busy infecting people around you.
          Every time the virus passes on, it has a chance to mutate. Usually it makes no difference, but occasionally , like with the Alpha and Delta variants, it does.
          It’s great that children don’t suffer the symptoms of CV. But they *do* catch it, and they *do* pass it on, each time creating an opportunity for dangerous mutations. Even you will be aware that there are deadly childhood illnesses: the next CV mutation could be one of them.
          So, to protect all of us (even the old people who’re going to die soon anyway so don’t matter very much), it’s crucial that we get vaccinated as soon as we are offered the opportunity (2.5 billion people can’t all be wrong). It’s also important that we carry on observing social distancing and so on.
          Rather than cutting off young people’s lives, the efforts being made by medical science the world over is to try to ensure that young people will have some sort of worthwhile future.

          • Andrew the malicious trolls certainly are not Trete or me or anyone with opposing views to yourself. I would look to you for misinformation and a glibness about the safety of the vax which makes you sound like a big Pharma sales rep (with legal indemnity given for any vax harm). We are using government statistics and facts and experiences recorded globally, and the virus being debated as a bioweapon has been in mainstream papers across the whole world, explored by doctors and scientists globally and acknowledged by the tainted Faucci himself. There are so many components of it that suggest so and past military experiments mirror it. So if it is bio weapon, what is in the vax?? In a grown-up world, debate is wide and free and respects all opinions. And this is a very serious one judging by side effects and deaths.

    • ” 3016 per cent in women tragically losing their unborn children”
      Hmm. 100% would mean that every pregnant woman who’d had the vaccination would have miscarried.
      I can’t imagine where the figure of 3016% comes from.
      Overwhelmingly, medical science points to the evidence showing that the effects of the coronavirus on pregnant women are far, far greater than any side effect of any of the vaccines.
      Get jabbed.

  4. It’s not just death from COVID that’s a problem. Awful as it is for all those that have lost people.

    I had a really mild case of Covid – I didn’t need hospital treatment, it didn’t go to my lungs, I didn’t even lose my sense of taste or smell. I just had a bad cold and the world’s worst headache.

    Now six months on, I have an incurable and debilitating brain condition that I will have to live with for the rest of my life and I’m far from alone in this. I was happy, healthy and I’m in my early 40s. Now – some days, I’m in so much pain, I can’t get out of bed and wonder how I’m supposed to carry on.

    I truly believe that if I had been vaccinated 3 months earlier, I could have been saved from all this.

  5. I would just point out, Democrat, there’s quite a difference between being a sales rep for Big Pharma and putting forward reasoned argument.
    I challenge you to quote one piece of misinformation that you allege that I’ve made.

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