Covid vaccination call out to 20 and 21 year olds

The vaccination programme

Around one million people aged 21 and 22 will begin to be called forward this morning to get the coronavirus vaccine, as the NHS Covid Vaccination Programme enters the final phase of the first dose roll-out.

As the NHS works through the final cohorts, people aged 21 and 22 will now be able to book themselves in for a coronavirus vaccine, leaving only 18 to 20 year olds yet to get the call.

Some 972,000 texts will be sent out from today inviting them to book in their jab, with the National Booking System opening to allow them to make appointments for both doses.

The NHS confirmed yesterday that by the end of this week it is expected that all those aged 18 or over would be able to book to get jabbed to protect themselves, their friends and their family.

Figures released this week show the NHS in England has now delivered over 60 million vaccinations, just six months after the programme launched.

Dr Emily Lawson, lead for the NHS COVID Vaccination Programme, said:“The largest ever NHS vaccination campaign is in the home stretch of the first dose roll-out the vaccine is the most important step you can take to protect yourself, your friends and family so it’s really important everybody in the latest eligible groups books themselves in to get their jab and plays their part in this huge national effort.”

It is just over a week since the programme opened to all 25-29-year olds.

Over one million appointments were booked by people in their 20s in just one day last week showing the enthusiasm of younger adults to get vaccinated and protected from the virus.

Text invitations, which do not expire, appear as an alert from ‘NHSvaccine’ and include a web link to the NHS website to reserve an appointment.

People who cannot go online can call the service on 119 instead to book their jab.

People aged 39 and under who are eligible and pregnant women will be offered the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in line with updated JCVI guidance.


  1. Let’s hope this vaccine works.
    At the moment infection is still rising exponentially. The rate for the UK is twice the rate for India.

    • We are being duped. 9 people died today. That was just 9 people with it in their system. We are sacrificing the health of many with other problems because of this scare mongering. We all need to wake up. No 20/21 year olds will die from covid

      • The fall in death rates is largely due to the lockdown restrictions in place since Christmas. The exponential rise in infections we’re getting at the moment is due to releasing some lockdown restrictions in May, and the very virulent Delta variant.
        The problem with rising infections, even if there are mercifully few deaths, is that every time a new host is infected, there is an opportunity for the virus to mutate. Usually, it’s not a problem. But the Alpha and Delta mutations certainly were, and the next one could defeat all our current vaccines. So caution is the watchword.
        Around 150,000 in the UK have died of Coronavirus. Many, many more have suffered serious illness and long covid. What other health conditions have had such an impact?

  2. “JAKARTA (Reuters) – More than 350 doctors and medical workers have caught COVID-19 in Indonesia despite being vaccinated.” Similar reports worldwide. And the death rate, Andrew, is being heavily scrutinised for the inaccuracies due to so many deaths being put down to covid when people died of other conditions, including cancer. So many loved ones are angry about this. Fear propaganda methods continue try to ‘nudge’ more to take the jabs and yet the serious side effects and deaths across the world are now there to see, and are only about 1 per cent of the real figures (MHRA UK, EMA Europe, CDC US and similar world-wide). Thousands of expert testimonies in the German legal case and similar in the UK with papers lodged at a London magistrates court. And let’s remember why the Nuremberg Codes were developed – to forbid forced experimental medical treatments. And these vax are on emergency licence and in trials until 2023, with more side effects and deaths showing up than for any other vax in the last 20 years. Your route to good health is maintaining a good natural immune system, good diet and exercise and vitamin D. It always has.

  3. “Fear propaganda methods continue try to ….”
    And you are an exponent of this type of propaganda.
    Good immune system? Yes.
    Diet and exercise? Yes.
    Vitamin D? Yes.

    Err .. how do you suppose we know about these things?

    Unfortunately, although they help, they are only some of the tools in medical science’s tool box. Vaccination is another one, used since the 18th Century on billions of people, with the saving of billions of lives.
    When Edward Jenner first introduced vaccination as a remedy for smallpox, he was ridiculed by sceptics. They said women would give birth to cows (the vaccine was made from elements of cowpox, harmless in humans). No woman has ever given birth to a cow as a consequence of a smallpox vaccination, despite the hysterical ravings of the rabble.

    And so it is with the covid vaccines. Billions have been administered world wide. Side effects are vanishing small ( the blood clot risk is far far greater for thos flying or taking the pill, for example)
    As to the “Thousands of expert testimonies in the German legal case and similar in the UK with papers lodged at a London magistrates court” be sure to let us know the outcome.

  4. There is no excuse for not getting vaccinated, and it should be made compulsory, especially for all Care workers! I am elderly, have two life threatening lung diseases, and a heart condition, if someone infects me with the virus I am dead! Small Pox, Cholera, Typhoid, Dipheria, Scarlet Fever, Measles, poliomyelitis, and many other once lethal diseases have been eliminated in developed countries by medical science, so there is no excuse not to get vaccinated!

    • I guess you agree with the Nazis and would like an experimental drug in its trials until 2023, on emergency licensed, forced on people against their will. That’s why the Nuremberg Code was created and that’s why lawyers across the world are actively working on cases just now demonstrating this. And care agencies now say that many of their care workers will leave the profession if there is any attempt to force them to take the jab. Similar with some nurses, police, military etc. Few people to look after others then. I’ve certainly met retired scientists and medical professions in Thanet just now who are deeply unhappy about what is happening with this attempted coercion to take an experimental drug (which they refuse to take themselves) and care workers seeing what is happening to some of their clients. There are many reasons to avoid it and remember that there is all sorts of science – good and bad and that led by tainted big Pharma with very selective results published from raw data of trials.

  5. I think suggesting that Dumpton “agrees with the Nazis” is an absolutely disgusting thing to do.

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