Make the Wave protest in Ramsgate as world leaders arrive at G7 summit

Make the Wave action in Ramsgate Photo Brian Whitehead

A spectacle of synchronised swimming – promoting an environmental message – took place in Ramsgate today (June 10).

The brainchild of two Extinction Rebellion activists from Whitstable and Folkestone, “Make the Wave” turned from a local to a global action, bringing coastal communities together from Kent, the UK and as far away as the Pacific Islands to highlight dangers of rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

As world leaders arrive in Cornwall for the G7 summit, “Make the Wave” protests are taking place to bring the focus on the Climate Emergency issue.

Among those taking part in the climate action were Thanet swimmers with a joyous celebration of our coastline whilst warning of the need to restrict emissions and slow global warming.

Following a parade down the Augusta Steps and along the beach, Thanet’s open-water swimming groups, the Mermads and Switches, performed a sand angel dance and synchronised sea swim to music on Ramsgate Main Sands.

A spokesperson for the event said: “It was joyous, hilarious and brilliantly managed by Trudi Jackson, Viv Yanka and Shahla Rushworth with banners and placards to amplify the message to everyone there……. There is no Planet B! We have to learn to care for the one we’ve got.”

The G7 summit is attended by leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the United States. They are due to discuss issues including the global health system, climate change and trade.

Headlines today included the arrival of US President Joe Biden and also highlighted the Prime Minister choosing carbon-costly air travel to make the trip from London to Cornwall, rather than go by train.


  1. What a wonderful thing to see on our lovely beach! So much fun, well done everyone involved. We really need to make politicians wake up and smell the coffee …. what was Boris thinking, FLYING to Cornwall! He needs to learn to walk the walk, rather than just talking the talk, for once. Such a terrible message to send out to the rest of us. He should be leading the way, not setting such a bad example.

  2. Well we’re doing our bit for climate change in Thanet with the majority of councillors supporting a new aviation cargo hub at Manston.

  3. Short-sighted destructive idiots, backing a proposal for an airport at Manston or indeed anywhere.

    • Well when we’ve got a PM who flies to Cornwall and then bangs on about climate change, I don’t think we’re being led from the top are we! Incredible.

  4. re marva reeves comment – an airport at manston ? i think you will find its already been an airport for the last 100 + years , its not something they have just dreamt up to annoy the tree huggers

  5. Real World is wrong. There has not been an airport at Manston for the last 100 years. n particular, there hasn’t been one there at all for several years.

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