Ramsgate groups and volunteers turn out for town litter pick event

A combined effort to clean up the town

More than 100 litter-pickers were given to volunteers joining a clean up organised by Ramsgate mayor Raushan Ara today (June 9).

Those taking part in the litter pick – part of the annual Ramsgate Spring Clean – included members of East Kent Mencap, the 1st St Lawrence Scout Group and staff, pupils and parents from Ramsgate Arts Primary.

Cllr Ara said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who took part, showing pride in our town. Volunteers included out town promoter Rebekah Smith, Rabbi Cliff Cohen from Ramsgate Synagogue, Carl Whitewood, from Ramsgate Salvation Army, who hosted the briefing of the Covid-19 safety rules, Bob Ellender, the manager of Ramsgate Asda, who provided snacks and water for the volunteers, street cleaner Malcolm for disposing of the collected waste and Ramsgate Town Council technician Chris Barton, for his assistance with all of the equipment.

“It was wonderful to see that our local Supported Living organisation, East Kent Mencap, 1st St Lawrence Scout Group, and pupils, staff and parents from Ramsgate Arts Primary school joining us. Many thanks to all.

“I hope that we will all continue to have pride in our town and carry on with making our town the very best place that it can be.”

Thanet’s volunteer litter-picking ‘army’ keeping our beaches, streets and parks clean


  1. Very well done indeed to everyone (though I’d much rather see low-level criminals doing this as part of their Community Service than young children!).

  2. Well done to everyone although I would rather see Thanet Council doing this as this is a service we pay for via our Council Tax.

    • If we pay lots more Council Tax, then TDC can employ lots more road sweepers and so on.
      The real shame is that they’re needed at all. The rubbish blowing around Thanet is there because people drop litter.

      • Not quite true though is it. Everyone’s Council Tax went up last year as TDC promised to recruit 10 new street cleaners as part of the budget setting process. Only problem is that they never did so they raised the Council Tax, took more cash and then didn’t spend the money on the intended purpose which accounts for much of the problem we have.

        All this information is in the public domain. It’s shameful.

      • You could pay Thanet council 100% more in council tax and they still would not spend it on the correct things. They don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing, no individual or business owner that I speak to has a good word to say about them. If you start with the basics, if you want Thanet to be used as a holiday / tourist destination make the place look welcoming and keep the place clean. Don’t give travellers a spot to camp at the sea front, as now people will be less willing to use that beach and people here for a holiday or day trip will not come back if they see that sort of thing. It honestly looks that the council want Thanet to look a dump for some reason!

  3. Very well done to all, you put the morons who drop the litter and TDC to shame. Mind you even those who put things in the bins are no better if they use the bins as skips. On CCTV at Broadstairs retail Park a man has been recorded putting HOUSE BRICKS into a litter bin along with ceramic tiles putting the the site cleaners at risk of injury when they try and lift the waste sacks out of the bins. Those responsible are going to be traced for fly tipping.

  4. Yes well done everyone.

    I just find it so sad that we live in such a dirty country, where so many people think it’s ok to drop rubbish wherever they like.
    The amount of fag butts on the floor is disgusting.
    I have seen a few of these groups out litter picking sadly a few days after it looks no different than before 🙁

    Its not just thanet it’s most of the country, we seem to have lost respect for our country, our communities, our homes.

    We have such a beautiful country with wonderful countryside and and beaches etc. Shame its wasted on the British.

    • TDC think the community have no memories, as they are never held to account for anything. The whole lot need removing and people that actually care about the towns rather than brown envelopes, stroking there egos and saying how great they are need putting in place

  5. A short while ago as a mother with a couple of kids walked past my house, one threw a sweet wrapper into my front garden! The mother saw this, looked into my garden, and walked on without saying a word to the child! It is this attitude today that is causing rubbish to abound in the streets, people just couldn’t care less! They have no sense of belonging to the community, or self respect, so don’t mind living in their own filth!

  6. Totally agree people throw rubbish on our streets, countryside, beaches etc. Yet we get people moaning about TDC not keeping the places clean, TDC shouldnt have to !. If people didnt throw litter it wouldnt be a problem, blame the people not TDC.

    Why should my taxes be used to pick up other people’s litter ?

  7. Reason people put house bricks in bins or fly tip is because you can’t drive in tip unless you’ve got a car and they charge for everything now so TDC thought

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