Covid vaccination programme moves to remaining adults

The vaccination programme

The NHS Covid vaccination programme will start inviting remaining adults for their Covid-19 jabs from tomorrow (June 8), on the six month anniversary of first administering the approved jab.

The last group of adults will begin to be called forward for the first time tomorrow, with around three million people aged between 25 and 29 getting invited to book their first dose, with texts being sent from tomorrow and national booking services updated at 7am.

Since December 8th 2020 NHS staff have delivered 57 and a half million # first doses to more than 75 per cent of the adult population.

More than half of adults are now fully vaccinated.

Anyone in the age groups now eligible for a vaccine is asked to book their jab once they receive the text message alert, with GPs also set to urge the newly eligible to come forward, over the coming days.

Alongside opening up invites for first doses, the NHS is pushing a major drive on ensuring people get their second dose of the vaccine.

NHS England chief executive, Sir Simon Stevens, said: “Tomorrow is a watershed moment as the world-beating NHS vaccination programme enters the home straight of our race to offer everyone their first dose.

“The NHS vaccination programme is a real team effort and it is a testament to NHS teams across the country, that we are able to open up to people in their twenties just six months on from delivering that world first jab to Maggie Keenan.

“The tireless efforts of NHS staff to protect the people they care for and their communities has quite simply saved lives, and when you get the text, you’re next.

“Getting the lifesaving Covid-19 jab is the most important thing you can do, with NHS staff vaccinating at over 1,600 sites including vaccine buses, places of worship, sport stadiums and other convenient locations. So, when you get that text, book your appointment and join the millions who are already protected.”

Text invitations, which do not expire, appear as an alert from ‘NHSvaccine’ and include a web link to the NHS website to reserve an appointment.

People who cannot go online can call the service on 119 instead to book their jab.

People aged 39 and under who are eligible and pregnant women will be offered the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in line with updated JCVI guidance.


  1. The experimental gene therapy jabs have been given emergency use authorisation as they’ve been rushed to the market with no thorough long term research feasible. The vaccine manufacturers therefore cannot be held liable for any death or injury occurring, unless it’s from a quality control issue. The UK government/MHRA 17th report highlighting adverse reactions to both the Pfizer / BioNTech and Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines show show an eye-watering total of 851,756 adverse reactions. This is now out of date, yet detailed on the different causes, and is said to be between 1 and 10 per cent of the real figures. Deaths number over 1,200 and well over 4,200 in the US. Anecdotally locally, one hears of people unable to get through to their GPs regarding concerning side effects which arise after vaccinations. Skin rashes are put down as shingles, and that looks misleading. These are all facts. And as MIT university in Boston concluded in a study recently, the skeptics are using the science and are better informed. Lord Sumption has said similar. There are also hundreds of thousands of highly qualified medical and scientific professions speaking out of the dangers world-wide – completely censored in the mainstream. Accountability will come, and moves to include children in the programme are truly crimes against humanity.

    • Yep, increasing number of people-especially in their thirties & forties getting problems & then lapsing into comas & dying. Sad thing is a lot of them were on their social media prior to the jab saying how great it was & often just after saying they had the usual side effects of fatigue, the squits etc, but how other people should get them. Then a day or two later having serious issues manifest. As I said recently anybody happy to let Johnson & Johnson stick anything in their body needs to look at their history going back decades.

  2. The vaccines have not been “rushed through”. They were based on work done 10 or so years ago in response to the MERS and SARS outbreaks. The basic vaccine was there, tried and tested. It just needed fine tuning for Covid. We get new flu vaccines every year to respond to the new strains: are they rushed through, too?
    I have no doubt that of the 40,000,000 people vaccinated in the UK, some will have reported reactions. I’d be astonished if the figure was as low as 800,000 (2%). My arm ached as though it had been hit by a cricket bat for a couple of days.
    You say deaths amount to 1,200 (presumably from the vaccines). Where’s your source for this figure? But even if true, it pales into insignificance compared with the 140,000 deaths due to Covid. So even if your figure is true, you’re orders of magnitude safer getting vaccinated than not.
    When “hundreds and thousands” of scientists speak out, they do so by publishing in peer-reviewed august scientific journals. Though these are not MSM they most certainly are not censored.
    One hopes that accountability will come, and that those whose preposterous opinions have lead to widespread vaccine hesitancy and inevitable deaths will be held to account.

    • I hope by your preposterous opinions comment you mean the Covid transmitted through 5G masts, the jab gives you autism cranks & not those raising legitimate concerns-based off of decades of pharmaceutical companies hiding trial data, manipulating trial data, being indemnified against prosecution for side effects etc.

      Sadly in their attempts to guilt trip everybody into taking it-even those with prior reactions who were told this was safe for them, until they had bad reactions at which point they backtracked the government has lumped in people with legitimate concerns with anti-vaxxers using language like loonies & nutters to quieten anybody who even questions how safe it might be for them, long-term side effects etc.

    • I would hope that the accountability includes making vaccine passports mandatory for pubs, restaurants, holidays, theatres etc. I look forward to see the anti vaxxers window-licking from outside whilst I am inside cracking on with normal life.

  3. The “legitimate concerns” are there for all to see. There are, for example, “legitimate concerns” about blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine. But the death rate attributed to AZ and bloodclots is so low that it is not statistically measurable, and even if it was, it’s far, far safer than catching C19 and suffering the consequences.
    I’m really keen that vaccine passports are introduced widely. Then anti vaxxers can exercise their right not to be inocculated; the rest of us can exercise our rights not to be unnecessarily exposed to infection.

    • Seeing as quite a large number of fully vaccinated people are currently being hospitalised with Covid & other people are coming back early from Portugal etc to escape having to quarantine-so the country is still likely being flooded with overseas variants that has no basis in reality. Having the jab is no guarantee you cannot still contract Covid & pass it on to others-as no vaccine is 100% successful.

      How exactly is this system going to work then? Obviously data laws prevent identification of who has or hasn’t been jabbed, patently businesses are not going to turn money away by refusing entry to those who haven’t had it-so you will still be encountering people in shops & workplaces etc who haven’t had it. Something like war criminal Tony B Liar is proposing is meeting mass opposition from scientists, politicians, human rights advocates etc, as it would basically create an apartheid state where some people will have significantly more rights than others & once again seeing as vaccines are no guarantee of not being able to contract or pass it on to others it is not logical.

  4. “quite a large number of fully vaccinated people are currently being hospitalised with Covid” says who? Not WHO, that’s for sure.
    It’s a fact that although the infection rate is going up (predominantly amongst teenagers and young adults) hospitalization and death in the wider community isn’t.

    • I meant more the proportion of those in hospital currently, I just worded it badly-a fair percentage are fully jabbed & still caught it anyway, so how does the passport system work?

      • What’s the “fair percentage” ? How many are ending up in hospital as a percentage of those who have been given both jabs in the UK ? I would hazard a guess that it is completely miniscule but am prepared to be corrected.

      • The statistics show that people fully vaccinated are between 80-90% less likely to be seriously symptomatic and between 40-60% less likely to pass the disease on.
        So, a fully vaccinated person visiting a concert of stadium would be very unlikely to become ill (and thus a burden on the NHS); and if they happened to be infected, they would be much less likely to spread the disease to others.
        If someone has a vaccine passport, then organisers of event can be sure about their status.
        Once more than 70% or so of the population is vaccinated, it won’t matter so much, because we will have achieved “herd immunity”.
        Unless tourists returning home from overseas bring in a new, more infectious variant.

  5. I am guessing some people on here are getting quite warm today wearing their tin foil hats in this sunshine ?

    • Andrew the deaths are in the UK Government MHRA figures. Your research skills are apparently lacking. Over 4,000 deaths in the States according the official CDC figures as well. T Blind person – anti-vax is just a framed propaganda term – people with any intelligence take no notice. Vax passports will only be nudged in for a few places. Legally the government knows it’s a very had thing to accomplish with Nuremburg Code type trials developing just now. Look at all the medical transcripts from medical experts there to see in the German case, if you have the intelligence to research. And look at Ofcom restricts on mainstream media press reporting.. It’s all out there. And let’s see if we do unlock on 21 June – it’s up to the Behavioural Insight Team and Sage to decide how this propaganda will play out. Hint we will. Hint we won’t as variants are too scary. Confusion propaganda tools to cause more hypnosis. Kill off more small businesses as they’re not part of the agenda. Let alone the talk of an engineered bioweapon virus – and how that plays out with the jabs (which seem to strangely mimic it). Fascinating times for those awake. And the vax’d are the dangerous ones with the shedding – many medical experts reports on this out of the US.

  6. It’s wrong to say that”people with any intelligence take no notice”. Very wrong indeed.

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