New Cabinet members named for Thanet council


Thanet council’s new Cabinet members have been appointed following the election of Cllr Ash Ashbee on Thursday (June 3) as the new council leader.

Cabinet posts

Council Leader Cllr Ash Ashbee (Westbrook)

Contact – [email protected]

To lead and coordinate the Cabinet on:

Corporate Plan

Media, PR & Communications

Strategic Planning, Planning Policy & the Local Plan

Planning (Development Control)

Port and Harbours

Corporate Performance and Risk

Democracy and Governance

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development is Cllr Reece Pugh (Thanet Villages)

[email protected]

To lead policy development and advise the Cabinet on:

Regeneration and economic development

Tourism and beach management

Corporate property and land

Building control 5. Heritage and Museums

Information and Communications Technology

Management of the foreshore

Cllr David Saunders (Viking) is Cabinet Member for Finance 

[email protected]

To lead policy development and advise the Cabinet on:

Finance inc. revenue & capital for general fund & HRA budgets

Medium Term Financial Strategy

Treasury Management

Housing and Council Tax Benefits & Revenues (inc. Debt Recovery)

Strategic Licensing

Property & Estate Management

Parking (inc. civil parking enforcement)

Cllr Jill Bayford (Bradstowe) is Cabinet Member for Housing

[email protected]

To lead and coordinate the Cabinet on:

Private Sector Housing (inc. the Margate Housing Intervention Programme)

Housing Strategy


Housing landlord services

Local authority housing management

Environmental Health

Customer Services

Member Training & Development

 Cllr Robert Bayford (Kingsgate) Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects

[email protected]

To lead policy development and advise the Cabinet on:

Waste management, recycling and street cleaning

Cemeteries & crematoria

Facilities management

Climate change & Biodiversity

Strategic Projects

Cllr George Kup (Birchington South) Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Youth Engagement 

[email protected]

To lead policy development and advise the Cabinet on:

Community Safety (inc. the Community Safety Partnership)

The Margate Task Force Board

Health and wellbeing, sport, young people, recreation & leisure

Street scene enforcement (inc. fly-tipping)

Parks including playgrounds & green spaces

Public conveniences

Information, records, data management & strategy

Thanet council has a new leader – and yet another change of political control


    • I totally agree with your comment it doesn’t seem to be any of the councillors that can stand up to them TDC

  1. Surprised Councillor Lesley Game is not in the cabinet line-up. She is well respected and has a strong voice and following. I think it’s a real shame. We also have two very very young Cllr in the cabinet in this conservative lineup the officers will run rings around them.

  2. Most of the disastrous decisions made by TDC were Members’ decisions made against the advice of the Officers.
    It’s good to know that mostly our professional, qualified civil servants have the backbone to stand up against the hopelessly ill informed decisions of some of the councillors.

    • ..and too often advice given and decisions made by officers hasn’t been much better – so we don’t have much hope with this lot, no matter how we rearrange (recycle?) the deck chairs.

      • The officers give the advice, based on the law, rules and regulations and their informed professional opinion.
        It is the councillors’ job to make the decisions, based on the advice given by the officers.
        Similar to SAGE and the Government: Professor Whitty can offer advice, but the PM in the end decides to herd or reject it.

  3. But will any of them have the guts to stand up to and confront what is the ever increasing money pit called Dreamland.

  4. I think we’ve got to give them a chance , there’s some experienced people on that list , hopefully they’ll sort things out !
    Fingers crossed !

  5. So we have a pro-manston (polluting cargo hub) person in charge of climate change? The irony is off the scale. We’re done for. #noplanetb

    • The council have made no real changes after their attention seeking climate emergency declaration. Not considered in the deals it enters into and no revision of policies in respect of listed buildings. Being two examples. Doesn’t matter on the colour of the rosette , the district is skint, suffering from decades of poor financial decision making and each new council tries to curry favour with the interest group of theday rather than set about dealing with the basics and getting us back on a sound financial footing from which point the “luxuries” become affordable. That just about all the 22million goes to private enterprises / charities because the council can’t come up with matched funding surely speaks volumes.

  6. Good Cabinet, old team – with a fresh new team. The old team know what’s what, the new fresh team might gain respect from younger voters…. eventually.
    I wish them luck, old & new.

      • Just as the last appointments were all labour, what did you expect? Not that it’ll make a jot of difference overall the new lot will have their pet projects that get pushed forward , financed on the back of pie in the sky projections and estimates, knowing full well they’ll be long gone when the brown smelly stuff hits the fan, just another repetition of years gone by. And thats before all the previous back room deals and wayward thinking brings moremissues to be dealt with.
        The borough is skint, and there’s no way around it. Its got to the point that investing in euromillions tickets is about as good a move as any and the only way of turning the area around in the short to medium term. The current “all in “ gamble on the arts and creativity is a similar longshot, whilst many of those coming to margate are wealthy by local standards they are not wealthy enough to turn the place round, ( there’s a huge gulf between incomers able to buy a home outright and happy to live on 40k a year harping on about the failure of the council,landlords, tories et al expecting the lchanges they want to be funded by others, the local unemployable happy to live on benefits and petty crime and those with sufficient resources to effect real change by themselves , but who are very thin on the ground and careful where they invest)plus being largely well left of centre there’s a refusal to accept where some issues lie and instead just keep hollering about where they want the problems to be rooted.
        The whole debacle around the seafront, dreamland, nayland rock, arlington house is going to be the biggest factor in margates future as we are now beholden to a faceless “investor” with no regard to anything but their own enrichment.

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