Funeral fundraiser launched following sudden death of former Thanet Press worker Gary Wraight

Gary Wraight

An appeal for help has been launched following the sudden death of former Thanet Press worker Gary Wraight.

The 72-year-old died on May 25 from a heart attack.

His son’s partner says the family have been left facing costs they cannot possibly manage and are unsure how they will pay for the funeral.

Kate McGuigan says partner David had been living with his dad as his carer but the property is a council home and so now, on top of funeral arrangements and costs, they also have to  clear the property out.

She said: “Gary worked in Thanet Press for a long time then became a handyman. During his retirement years he enjoyed going to Sheldon’s pub, the Wig and Pen and the Bull’s Head.

“Gary loved to wind people up and took great pleasure in watching them fall for it, he loved having a joke.

Kate and David

“Most of all he was a family man and loved seeing his son David settle down. That was one wish he had. David lived in the house with his dad, I’ts been in the family for many years but it is a council home so we have a lot of work to clear it out which after all those years isn’t an easy task. David was the full time carer for his dad.

“I want to help with the funeral costs because I love David and I loved his dad. His dad called me his beautiful Kate and we had the same sense of humour. We had so many plans with David’s dad but sadly we won’t be able to fulfil them now.

“Gary was an incredibly wonderful father, partner, brother and touched the lives of many. We are all devastated by Gary’s death, he made an impact on everyone he met.

“We have looked into the cost of funerals and they are very expensive. David wants to give his dad the send off he wanted but with only around £1,000 from the government and the average funeral costing £3800 it is hard to see how he can afford a funeral.

“No one should have to worry about paying for their loved ones funeral.”

Gary, who also leaves behind his partner Emma, his step-daughter and two grandchildren, did not have any life insurance or savings.

Katie said: “It is hard enough losing someone without these financial worries so I have made the fundraiser for David as I could see that he wasn’t able to grieve properly due to the increased worry and stress.”

The fundraiser can be found here

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