James heading to Dreamland this summer

James is heading to Dreamland

Manchester band James will be coming to Dreamland on Saturday, July 31 as part of the Dreamland Summer Series.

Since their breakthrough single in 1991, Sit Down, James have released 15 studio albums, selling over 25 million copies in the process, and performed countless headline shows and festivals across the world.

They continue to be a huge live draw, having sold 60,000 tickets for a UK arena tour scheduled for this November and December, a tour which has sold faster than any previous James tour.

The show will be on the Scenic Stage on July 31 from 6pm to 11pm.

Tickets are on sale now at £49.50

Book via Dreamland’s website here


  1. A great manc band but come on lads give your head a wobble, 50 quid , this isnt London !
    I know margate has shed loads of arty shops and the TC but they arent aimed at the locals.

    Who every told James to charge 50 quid in margate needs telling to ‘do one’.

    100quid for me and the missus I dont think so sadly.

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