12 jobs created at new Minster Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee Image gdmarchitects via Thanet council planning portal

Twelve jobs have been created with the opening of a new Costa Coffee in Minster next month.

The new site is alongside the current McDonald’s and was granted planning permission in December 2019.

It is a single storey outlet with 31 car-parking spaces, including two disabled spaces and a drive-through lane on the former scrub land off Laundry Road.

The site is accessed from the A299 – Hengist Way trunk road via Tothill Street – and Laundry Road.

A Costa Coffee spokesperson, said: “We’re delighted to confirm the opening of a brand new Costa Coffee Drive-Thru store in Minster– coming Friday, June 18. The store, which comprises of both a drive-thru lane and a Costa Coffee store, has created 12 new jobs and will allow for members of the local community to either pick-up or sit-in to enjoy their favourite handcrafted coffee, such as the iconic Flat White featuring Costa Coffee’s signature Mocha-Italia blend.

“The health and safety of our team members and customers is our number one priority, and we’re continually updating our policies and procedures to align with Government guidelines.

“Across all our stores we have implemented strict measures to ensure we operate safely, with high-quality Perspex screens installed at all counters and a bespoke one of a kind serving hatch (specifically designed for Costa Coffee) installed across drive-thru lanes to ensure customers can collect their order with no contact.

“These cleverly designed hatches, lower items from the service hatch down to customer’s vehicles and have a built-in acrylic hygiene screen to provide maximum protection for both customers and Costa Coffee team members.

“We look forward to safely opening our doors and welcoming members of the local community to the new store.”


  1. it just goes to show what times we live in , 12 jobs created in a coffee shop = wow! ( probably minimum wage + part time? ) when the kent pits shut 3,000+ miners were chucked on the scrap heap .and we are supposed to applaud the rip off costa coffee – funny old world.

  2. It’s actually opposite McDonalds, adjacent to Premier Inn.
    With so many entrances and exits right opposite each other, and McDonalds not having sufficient space for their queue meaning it regularly blocks the road, I sadly don’t think it will be long until there is an accident here. Not helped by the cars, vans, & lorries parking on double-yellows to eat their McDonald’s, knowing full well the Council never come round and fine anyone for doing so.

  3. One coffee shop warrants 31 parking spaces ? ? ? ! ! !

    Is this conducive to the Council’s climate emergency policy when it is encouraging people to drive and park their cars merely to obtain a cup of coffee ? ? ? ! ! !

    Does anybody else see the sheer lunacy of such a situation or is it only me ? ? ?

    • I quite agree.
      It’s absurd that the only realistic way you can get to this venue is to drive. It’s actually encouraging people to get in their cars and drive … for a coffee!
      Much has been said about the CV pandemic. But a far worse disaster is facing humanity, that of climate change.
      The last thing we need is people jumping in their cars and driving miles to get a drink they could brew in their kitchens!

    • You beat me to it, pretty sure it’ll create additional workload for KCC Highway litter pickers as the various cups and wrappings get lobbed out of car windows half an hour or so of being purchased, if nothing else it’ll keep the McDonalds wrappers company.

  4. What is it about some people that they feel they have to list a catalogue of complaints about a new business opening up which is going to provide 12 new jobs in an area where jobs are hard to come by, and which will cater for people on their way by car and van/lorry into and out of Thanet. Nothing is perfect, but unemployment isn’t particularly wonderful either. Clearly, those commenting would rather these 12 individuals stayed on the dole.

    • Thanet Avocado, that’s a rather large assumption on your part, it would be like me saying “you clearly don’t give a crap about keeping our environment clean and are likely part of the problem” of course jobs are good, it would also be good if these outlets put more effort into encouraging their customers not to litter.

  5. Do you remember when you would go home boil the kettle. A get the jar of coffee out of the cupboard. Now days you need to own a car 1st so you can go and buy a cup of coffee ready to drink. Coffee can be expensive

  6. Surely one one rubbish producing eatery is enough,just trying to fill in all the spare land around with them .As someone said “what’s wrong with the kettle at home ,and the cups are washed !!!!!

  7. Some people today are just to lazy to even boil a kettle. Everything has to be instant. Drive throughs can cause chaos. A friend of mine lives a mile away from MC d in whitstable. When they reopened the restaurant he couldn’t get out of his drive road was gridlocked thinking that there was an accident on the old thanet way. No just a que driving through mcd. This are in minster can cope a times without opening another outlet. There be a roundabout built at that junction to keep traffic moving soon. What’s next a Chinese takeaway or a KFC.

  8. This is brilliant! I can’t wait. There’s a mountain of us working up at the Manston Business Park who will be in there every day for breakfast and lunch!

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