Police investigate suspected arson at Margate tower block

Emergency services attended Invicta House

Police are investigating a suspected arson at Invicta House in Margate during the early hours of this morning (May 20).

Emergency services were called at 2.30am to the tower block in Millmead Road.

Six fire appliances plus the height vehicle and police attended. An electrician was also called to the site.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 2.26am to a report of a fire outside a block of flats in Millmead Road, Margate.

“Officers attended alongside Kent Fire and Rescue Service and it was established that no injuries had been sustained.

“The fire is believed to have been deliberately started and enquiries to establish the full circumstances remain ongoing.”

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to Millmead Road in Margate to reports of rubbish and bedding alight outside a block of flats.

“Six fire engines and a height vehicle attended, which is standard protocol for high rise response, and crews put the fire out with a hose reel jet. The fire is believed to have been started deliberately. Kent Police also attended.”


  1. There was a fire outside staner court tower block last week a person that lived there had to put it out. Luckily it was spotted early it was in the day time God knows what would have happened if it had been at night so many people could have been homeless.. or even worse

      • Thousands of pounds spent on camera at staner court tower block. But council never act on it. Even local councillors have been informed of all this going on at tower blocks. TDC have video & photos of lighted items being thrown from window. Carpets plant pots. Even barbecue coal being kicked off the balcony that was a light. They won’t act until there’s another large fire at a tower block

  2. All the evidence was sent to Thanet District Council about the small fire at staner Court. But nothing was followed up all you get if we can’t identify which flat the item come from there is nothing we can do but people’s lives are being put in danger. I wonder if someone was actually killed by an item being discarded from a tower block if they would take it so lightly or a fire that got out of control

  3. It is a regular occurrence at Invicta House which must be very disconcerting for those who live there and around it.
    Almost every day there is furniture of some sort, mattresses, sideboards, cupboards, black sacks dumped there and sometimes its there for days before removal. It’s about time CCTV was used to catch those dumping and causing fires so they can be prosecuted. It’s no good TDC ignoring the issue, they need to be proactive as it is putting many lives at risk by stupid individuals who just don’t care about anyone, not even themselves.

    • Why does it takes the whole block to go up in flames and people to lose their lives before its taken more seriously? Its psychotic dangerous behaviour. Not to mention children with school are disrupted. The people responsible should be treated the same way as terrorists and see long sentences. We have alot of people in thanet behaving so abnormally and its time to put it to a stop

      • Tot up how much has been spent on the buildings security and fire safety ( leaving many other tdc buildings with much lower levels of fire safety due the sums transferred to Invicta house) what can in reality be done? If you have people determined to set fires you’ll never stop it . Others in the building will know who it is, if they feel that passing onthat information is worse than having the fires then so be it.

  4. People dumping combustible items should be severely punished. It amazes me that Northdown Road still exists.

  5. How many more emergency attended fire events at these properties can b e safely tolerated by the residents ?

    hey why not design an area for combustible cardboard/paper storage well away from the block.

    Thanet lives matter.

    Its to do with the existing built environment being damaged, all seems visually ok on the outside but other consideration should be applied after every fire event. Even an event of a resident burning toast need to be logged, its just to let the residents who want to know what is going on.

    Hopefully the freeholder owners of higher rise buildings with multi inhabitants with different ability’s will not be waiting for the final grenfell report.

    Possibly its wrong to suggest (some) landlords expect the emergency services to be used on a (no charge – free attendance) but
    just a consideration. So i do not suggest the above is possible.

    Time for change.

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