Matthew Scott re-elected as Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

PCC Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott has been re-elected as Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner. The results were announced in Dartford this afternoon. Mr Scott, the Conservative candidate, won 56% of the vote.

Candidate Votes

Graham Colley Liberal Democrats 69,464

Lola Oyewusi Labour and Co-operative Party 103,807

Matthew Scott The Conservative Party Candidate 237,278

Electorate 1,323,620

Turn out 31.8%

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in their police force area.


  1. Other than Mr Scott I did not know who the others were. Until the last minute. As long as he does the job he’s being paid for I’ve no complaints.

  2. He’s done well so far, it seems everyday there is a story about arrests for anti social behaviour, traffic offences, county lines – keep up the good work Mr Scott.

    • Of course, they make great play of these raids-especially close to election times.

      The problem is as we have seen for decades, going back to Harry Ainslinger, right through all the we will eradicate drugs through a war on drugs guff from Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr etc you cannot just arrest your way out of social problems. It needs a total policy change by legalising & taxing drugs-you can legally get the hardest drugs imaginable under prescription(legal heroin for instance)from your doctor that can get you addicted to & often die from, yet you can be prosecuted for buying a drug with less side effects.

      • As much as i agree with your point about previous administrations, there has been a total lack of enforcement by the police, and childish sentences if actually prosecuted.

        Regarding legalising and taxing.
        Look how effective that is in the USA for guns.
        Also are we to expect the NHS to take on more looking after people who want to take drugs “legally” ? There are far too many drug related accidents on the roads, can you imagine how many more if everybody had access??

        And it’s not as if taxation helps, it doesn’t go to the NHS, more to the benefits system for those who then spend on drugs.

  3. He must be doing well. So many local Police Stations have been closed down in Kent in the last few years it must mean that crime is falling. So re assuring!

    • Hmmm.
      They do say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
      But sometimes it is the only response needed.

      Not only closed stations, but even Margate is only 9-5, usually when most criminals are asleep after a hard nights work 🙂

  4. I only voted for him to ensure the other candidates who wanted drugs legalised didn’t get elected.
    A police commissioner is there to control the police force not to be the chief constable‘s lackey.

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