Matt to take on walk of Circle Line route for mental health charity Mind UK

Matt takes on his charity walk this summer

Ramsgate administrator Matt Doy is taking on a challenge this summer to raise money for mental health charity Mind.

The 43-year-old, who is an avid crime fiction fan and enjoys time with his nieces and nephew, will walk London’s 17 mile Circle Line route this August.

He said: “I love London and love walking. Walking the Circle Line is a big challenge but will be a great way of combining my walking with my other love of photography.”

Here Matt tells us why the cause is important to him:

“Mental health in one way affects us all.  I have suffered with depression and anxiety over the past eight years and a few of my friends have suffered with mental health battles.

It has been noticeable that a number of my male friends have suffered but have not always been keen to be vocal in regards to the subject for fear of ridicule or being ignored.

The subject of mental health has been at the front of many people’s thoughts. Whether people were shielding or at home and furloughed, life has been difficult. There were those who found their mental health exacerbated as well as some finding themselves suffering with mental health concerns for the first time.

Whilst I have not received assistance from Mind UK myself, I know of friends who have and how much difference the charity can make, so with fundraising opportunities being greatly hindered, I thought I would do my bit to help raise money when it was possible.

When the pathway out of lockdown was released, I opted to do a walk to raise funds and awareness for Mind UK. So on August 7, I will be walking the route of the Circle Line in London with the starting point of Moorgate.

During the day I will be interacting on facebook with live videos and photos. If anyone would like to join me along the way with support, then that would be welcome.”

Find Matts Circle Line For Mind on facebook and the fundraising page can be found at:


  1. Good luck to you Matt. I don’t know if you have heard of this book, but if not, I suggest you read it – or at least the chapter on the Circle Line – as it may enhance your experience.
    Walk the Lines: The London Underground, Overground by Mark Mason.

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