Police no longer appealing for identity of man in Julia James murder investigation

Julia James

Officers are no longer appealing for information regarding the man in an image released as part of the investigation into the death of Julia James.

Julia, 53, was found deceased next to Akholt Wood in Snowdown at around 4pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021. She had been working at home that day before taking her Jack Russell Toby for a walk in the Aylesham Road area.

A post-mortem revealed Julia died from significant head injuries.

Kent Police can confirm that the man in the photo has now been identified and we are no longer appealing for information in relation to him at this time.

Assistant Chief Constable Tom Richards from Kent Police said: “As throughout the investigation the power of the public and their support has helped this investigation and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for getting in touch to help us.

“I can confirm we have identified the man in the photo and we no longer need the media to run his image, nor do we need further information about him at this time.

“It remains that we still need to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time between 1pm and 4.30 pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021, as well as anyone local who may have seen something out of place at the time or who came across someone who made them feel uneasy – such as feeling compelled to cross the road or change the route they were walking.

“Despite identifying this individual, we are still keen to hear from those who have information that may help us.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Kent Police on 0800 0514 526.

Witnesses and anyone with any other information, CCTV or dashcam footage are also asked to submit details online via this link.


    • maybe he is, but you don’t get to Lynch him in public anymore because trail by FB isn’t a real thing. We have a groaning and expensive criminal justice system to take it from here, so you can stand down until someone else you don’t like the look of is put in the frame.

      • I’m not on FB and I believe in the full legal process, so if that comment was aimed at me then I haven’t the foggiest idea why (as for his looks, I’ve no strong feelings either way!).

  1. The Police have now arrested someone. From The Sun’s website: “Police today confirmed a suspect in his 20s from Canterbury was arrested at 9.30pm last night”. Also heard similar on Radio 4 just now.

    • ..yes, squarely aimed at you Peter. This week you stated on this site that someone of “Middle Eastern appearance” couldn’t be British and that they would typically be dresses as Arabs. Check yourself Checksfield.

      • No I didn’t. I simply stated that, given another boat was seen off the coast just a mile away 3 days earlier, that they could’ve arrived by a dinghy. Still a likely scenario in that they robbed people of their trainers and then abandoned them instead of trying to sell them.

  2. Heidi: What? Do British people never commit crimes then. You total racist.

    Peter Checksfield: Of course they do, but surely “Middle Eastern appearance’ indicates these particular thieving scumbags are NOT British? Unless it was locals dressing up as Arabs that is.

    • The key word is *indicates*, not *proves*…

      But as I pointed out to someone else, you all seem more hung-up over whether or not my comments are acceptable than the welfare of these poor lads. Again my comments are NOT important (even to me) – these teenagers are.

  3. your post”Indicates” you are a racist, not “Proves”….You couldn’t care less about the teenagers, you “indicate” concern but don’t “prove” it.

  4. Another news story here a day or two ago about three teenagers being robbed in Broadstairs and the lads said the robbers looked Middle Eastern. It was picked up on in the comments section.

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