Raushan Ara elected as Ramsgate mayor for third term

Ramsgate mayor Raushan Ara

Raushan Ara has been elected as Mayor of Ramsgate for a third term.

She said: “I would like to thank you all for choosing me as your Mayor, it is a great honour and a responsibility I take seriously.

“Ramsgate, along with its harbour, has a rich history of welcoming people from all over the world. Many have come as workers, tourists, and visitors choosing to stay and build a new life here.

“Like many who call Ramsgate home, I was not born here, I chose to set down my roots with my husband and raise a family and grow a business. Ramsgate is my home and I love it; from the natural beauty of the coast to harbour, the parks, its rich heritage and the wonderful people.

“The people of Ramsgate are resilient, creative, innovative and generous. So much money has been raised for charity by the townspeople even during financially difficult times.

“Together volunteers have poured their time and skills into making the town better for everybody, and I am proud to be a part of that process. Ramsgate is a fusion of ideas and people, together we can build on our shared aims and celebrate our differences, so I will continue to work hard for all the people of Ramsgate, whatever your religion, creed or politics, I am proud to be your Mayor.”

Cllr Ara will serve another year. She was first elected as mayor in 2019.

The mum-of-two and businesswoman, who  owns the Ramsgate Tandoori, is a supporter of charities including Ramsgate RNLI, Ramsgate Salvation Army and the Thanet Winter Shelter.

She is also the town’s first Asian mayor, which has been highlighted as a major step forward for ethnic minorities on the isle.


  1. Raushan Ara has been, without a doubt, the best mayor that Ramsgate has had in living memory. If anyone deserves to be re-elected, she does!

  2. Congratulations…..you do so much for the community. You have a big heart. A well deserved recognition being re elected.

  3. I see her as an excellent Mayor, end of. Not a “female” or “Asian” one.

  4. Excellent news! Raushan is a “hands-on” mayor,continuing to do practical work for the community and very often to be seen in Ramsgate town centre talking with people. She is what a councillor should be- hard-working, very approachable and (of course) egalitarian.

  5. Congratulations I hope you can focus on the state of the town it’s like a derelict graffitied zone empty shops and drunks
    With there daily meet-ups inthe town center benches drunk ,very nice sight not

      • Quite what you think the police are going to do about “problem drinkers” ( in as much as they make an area look unappealing and whose behaviour can be questionable- but in reality present little harm to anyone but themselves) is beyond me.
        Concerns in respect to addiction/ health/ social. Services would in this instance probably be more appropriate.
        But if nothing else they unite cliftonville and ramsgate with a common problem.

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