Thanet election 2021: Results for county seats and district and town by-elections

The count is taking place at Ramsgate Leisure Centre

The count for yesterday’s (May 6) county elections and Thanet district/town by-elections is taking place at Ramsgate Leisure Centre today.

The county seats up for election are:

Electoral Divisions Number of County Councillors to be elected
Birchington and Rural Two
Broadstairs One
Cliftonville One
Margate One
Ramsgate Two

The district seats being polled for are:

Newington, Dane Valley and Central Harbour wards.

There will also be a by-election for Central Harbour ward on Ramsgate Town Council.

Currently verification is being completed. The count will follow. An estimated time for results has not yet been given.


The county council election ballots are now being counted. From an electorate of 102,530 there were 29,906 ballot papers. The turn out for the county vote was  29.17%.

The Dane Valley by-election has now reached count stage. Of an electorate of 5,406 there were 1,263 ballot papers. Turn out was 23.36%

The Newington by-election electorate was 3,760. Turn out was 19.26% with 724 ballot papers.

Ramsgate Town Council Central Harbour seat. Electorate 6,112. The turn out was 31.28% and there are 1,912 ballot papers.

Thanet District Council Central Harbour seat, electorate 6112, turn out 31.27%, ballot papers 1,911.

Poll for the Broadstairs Neighbourhood Plan Referendum electorate 19,814, turn out 34%, ballot papers 6741

KCC seat Cliftonville

Lesley Game (Conservative) takes the seat with 2468 votes. Labour’s Helen Whitehead came in with 1,134 votes, George Metcalfe (Lib Dem) 148 votes, Kandiss Riley (Women’s Equality Party) 78 votes, Josh Simms (Social Democratic Party) 23 votes, Michelle Thomas (Green Party) 445 votes.

Electorate was 4,262 and turn out was 30.4%.

KCC Broadstairs

Ros Binks (Con) takes the seat with 2,695 votes. Aram Rawf (Lab) polled 1,549, Mike Garner (Green) 905, Robert Stone (Lib Dem) 176.

Electorate 14,531 and turn out was 36.8%.

KCC Margate

Cllr Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis (Labour) takes the seat for Margate with 1,376 votes, Ash Ashbee (Con) 1,292, Sue Rees (Green) 423, John Finnegan (Lib Dem) 178.

Electorate 15,043 and turn out was 22%

KCC Ramsgate seat

Trevor Shonk (Con) and Karen Constantine (Lab) take the seats for Ramsgate. The votes were Trevor Shonk  3157, Karen Constantine 2864;

Becky Wing (Green) 2576, Katie Gerrard (Green) 1755, Mark Hopkinson (Lab) 2268, Christian Burwash (Con) 2523, George Rusiecki  (Thanet Ind) 336, Paul Messenger (Ind) 248, David Banks (Lib Dem) 200, Gail Banks (Lib Dem) 239 and Grahame Birchall (Ind) 404.

Electorate 31,639 and turn out 27.8%

KCC Birchington and Rural seat

Conservatives Linda Wright and Derek Crow-Brown take the seats with 4013 and 3846 votes respectively.

Bertie Braidwood (Thanet Ind) 1525, Rob Yates (Lab) 1606, Abi Smith (Green) 1483, Rob Edwards (Green)971, Jeremy De Rose (Lib Dem) 354, Martyn Pennington (Lib Dem) 476 and Edward Handford (Reform UK) 216.

Electorate 27,055, turn out 29.9%

Dane Valley Thanet District Council seat

David Wallin (Con) takes the district seat for Dane Valley with 491 votes. Martin Boyd (Lab) 461 and Mark Websper (Thanet Independents) 294.

Electorate 5406, turn out 23.3%

Ramsgate Town Council Central Harbour seat

Tricia Austin of the Green Party has taken the vacant town council seat with 779 votes, Will Scobie (Labour) 579, Trevor Shonk (Con) 470, Grahame Birchall (Ind) 52, James Brady (Ind) 10.

Electorate 6112, turn out 31.2%

Thanet District Council Central Harbour

Tricia Austin, Green Party, takes the district seat for Central Harbour ward with 776 votes,  David Green (Labour) 631 and John Davis (Con) 480

Electorate 6,112, turn out 31.2%

Thanet District Council Newington ward

Trevor Shonk (Con) takes the district council seat for Newington with 265 votes, Mary King (Labour) 260, Katie Gerrard (Green) 144, Grahame Birchall (Ind) 43

Electorate 3,760, turn out 19.2%

Broadstairs Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Yes votes in favour of the plan 5643 and No votes 262 meaning the plan is adopted.

Turn out 34%

Following the elections Kent County Council remains in Conservative control.

Party Seats
Conservative 61
Liberal Democrat 6
Labour 5
Green Party 4
Labour and Co-operative Party 2
Swale Independents 1
Swanscombe & Greenhithe Residents’ Association 1