Medics called to Botany Bay after seal spotted on chalk reef

It is thought the seal was hauling out for a rest

Marine life rescue medics attended Botany Bay today (May 6) after a small seal was spotted on the beach with a falling tide inside the chalk reef.

The seal was seen by a Thanet council beach warden. As there were concerns for the seal’s welfare, the warden ensured the public on the beach kept a respectful distance so the mammal could rest properly.

A passer by sent a short video of the situation to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation who called out their local volunteer – arriving within 10 minutes.

However, the seal had already returned to the water. Medics walked along the shoreline through the stacks and saw track marks from the sea and then a second set back into the sea.

The seal was spotted resting on the rocks but it made its way back to the sea very quickly over the rocks. It looked to be a sub-adult grey, and judging by the speed at which it moved did not seem to be in any distress.

Medics made the decision to monitor but the seal disappeared. It was probably hauling out to rest due to the stormy weather.

The BDMLR is an organisation dedicated to the rescue and well-being of all marine animals in distress around the UK.

If you spot a seal that may be in distress call BDMLR on 01825 765546. Please do not let dogs approach it.

Find out more about the BDMLR here


  1. I think I once saw a Thanet council beach warden on a beach near me, though I could be mistaken.

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