Can you help in this family search?

John Dalton, far right in picture, aged about 15.

Can you help in this search for family members?

Jacky Fawcett, from Devon, is appealing to Thanet residents for help in tracing relatives on her maternal grandfather’s side.

She says: “I believe my maternal grandfather married and lived in the Margate area in the 1960s or possibly earlier. His name was John Dalton (aka Jack and/or Decka), born 1898 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

“John spent the majority of his life in the British Army and married and settled in or around Margate in his later years, possibly marrying a lady called Margaret or Dorothy. It is possible that a guard of honour was provided at his funeral. I’d be very grateful if these details jog anyone’s memory or if there are any family members still living in the area.

“My mum was adopted – she’s now 80 and in recent years we’ve spent many hours searching for traces of him, succeeding in finding some cousins but unfortunately not details of John Dalton himself.

“Our last shot is to reach out to local people for a possible chance of success. We believe he died approximately 1967 and would have been mid to late 60s.”

Anyone with information is asked to email [email protected]


  1. Deaths Jun 1970 (>99%)
    DALTON John 29Oc1899 Thanet 5f 1624
    That is second quarter 1970
    You can order the death cert from the General records office

  2. I have given the editor a copy of the 1960 marriage as well so If you haven’t the cert you can order it

  3. Thank you very much for your help with this, I’m very grateful. Your last message about John Daltons marriage has me a little confused. I have found from your first message a marriage of John Dalton and Elizabeth White from 1961 in Thanet. This differs from your marriage information I see. If possible could you take a look and see? Many thanks.😊

  4. 5b. 2229. Thanet. Marriage 1961 3rd quarter July, August and September

    This is the marriage info for John Dalton and Elizabeth White.

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