Newington pupils take on ‘Taskmaster’ challenges

Creative tasks at Newington

Children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate have been puzzling their way through a series of tricky challenges.

In the style of the popular Taskmaster television series, girls and boys from Nursery to Year 6 set about solving a range of creative physical and mental teasers.

Tasks included creating a Team Newington logo out of pupils; taking the most imaginative photograph; finding the most creative use for toilet rolls; fitting the greatest number of objects larger than a whiteboard rubber on a single sheet of A4 paper; making a piece of A4 paper travel the longest distance without walking or running with it; and producing the most unusual sound using your body.

As well as being fun, the challenges stretched the capabilities of the children who enjoyed taking on the tasks.

Maddie from Year 5 said: “Our ‘core value’ this term is collaboration. Throughout the day the tasks helped us to learn important skills such as communication. All of the challenges were exciting and fun.”

Max in Year 4 agreed. He said: “We worked together in pairs and in groups to complete the tasks and to solve problems, which were difficult at times, but we learnt how to work together to achieve a shared goal. “

Organised by teachers Tim Knight and Debbie Mursell, the various events encouraged children to use their knowledge, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills to complete the challenges in their own way.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “This was a fantastic well-organised fun learning day of creative thinking, collaboration and invention.

“Our girls and boys across the year groups stepped up to their challenges and showed real determination and grit when they faced snags. They were undeterred and found their own solutions.

“Not giving in and adapting and working through problems is something we encourage our pupils to develop in their time at Newington. It was heartening to witness this ethic in action”