Ramsgate Aldi store under offer after going on market for £2.3m

The Aldi store in Ramsgate

Aldi’s supermarket site in Ramsgate is under offer after being put on the market for a cost in the region of £2.3million.

The store will move from the current Boundary Road site to a new base just across the road at the former gas works. The relocation is expected to take place at the end of this year – leaving the current shop as ‘vacant possession.’

It is being marketed by Cradick Retail LLP.

The store has traded from its current site opposite the gas works for the last 20 years but bosses say the move will mean increased size of the shop and more parking spaces.

How the site with housing and Aldi could look Image On Architecture

The development will be on the eastern side of the former gasworks site and excludes the listed building. It will include a new pedestrian access onto St Lukes Avenue and involves the part demolition of the curtilage listed boundary wall for vehicle access, along with the soft and hard landscaping of the proposed car park area.

Planning permission has already been granted for the redevelopment of the western part of the former gasworks site for residential use, including the change of use and conversion of the listed building to residential flats.

Thanet-based Blueberry Development Estates is building 58 flats in three new build blocks and 15 in a conversion of the listed gas works office building fronting Boundary Road.

Blueberry Homes is also carrying out the development of the former Pleasurama site on Ramsgate seafront,

Gas Works site 1910

The gasworks were built in 1824 and had six gasholders. Originally it was on the other side of Boundary Road, where Aldi now is, then operated on both sides before being completely moved to the site were the red brick office and clock still stands.

It was taken on by the Local Board in 1877.The local Board and later Ramsgate Corporation ran the site until 1949.

The offices, railed area, depot, adjoining walls and gate for the gasworks in Boundary Road are grade II listed.

In 2007 and application was made to create 96 homes on the site. Some decontamination work took place but then stopped. Demolition and remediation works then took place in 2010 but work stopped until Blueberry Homes started the development last year.

Permission granted for new Aldi store on former gasworks site in Ramsgate


    • I put that exact question to the planning department when permission was granted for up to 20 flats on both corners of Belmont street/ King Street, their answer was that there are plenty of spaces in Staffordshire Street car park. Who is going to pay to park in car park all the time.

  1. more flats more council tax, at least they are on brownfield site.Buyers beware watch out for increase of maintenance costs

  2. Probably a London Authority will buy it as TDC will say its totally out of their budget even though it was ok to waste millions on Dreamland, its OK saying they got our money back shame about the interest. If that’s the case more people moving here without the infrastructure ie: schools, doctors, dentists and yet more traffic congestion

  3. Over 25 parking spaces will be lost as a result of additional double yellow lines along Hadress Road. The council should make an arrangement with ALDI for local residents to have permitted parking within the development or else parking near our homes will be all but impossible. I live in Hereson Road and already have to walk to the opposite side of the park to park my car.

    • Interesting observation about the yellow lines and loss of parking spaces, surely single yellow would have been better allowing overnight and weekend parking.

  4. At least this fabulous old building will now be put to good use. and hopefully it’s facade will be restored and clock restored as a feature in itself. Thank goodness for our German investors !

  5. The rebuilding of Aldi has nothing to do with the restoration and conversion of the gasworks building.

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