Day 3 of Duke Street tree protest camp – occupation reaches new heights

Campaigner Dan Bradley raises the stakes Photo Frank Leppard

Campaigners who have occupied a plot of land in Margate’s Old Town to protest over the felling of a Sycamore tree have taken their action to new heights.

Protester Daniel Bradley has taken the action one step further by ‘occupying’ the tree in question.

He is now settled in the branches of the Duke Street tree along with his campaign placard.

Members of Save the Duke Street Tree moved onto the Duke Street plot on Tuesday and say they intend to be on site day and night as they stage their protest.

Photo Frank Leppard

Permission to fell the tree was originally given in 2018 as part of an approval for a planning application to develop the site.

A notification of works this month was submitted by Duns Developments, based in Luton, for removal of the tree to clear the site ahead of building a four-storey property with five flats and a commercial unit.

The area the tree is in was one of two plots that were earmarked as garden sites under a Countdown to Turner scheme in 2011. However despite a spend of £7,881 on design, consultation and soil sample for the site and another at Cobbs Place, the gardens did not come to fruition.

The site was then sold at auction and permission subsequently granted for the flats development.

Thanet council says it is working hard to ensure more trees are planted across the district.

Photo Frank Leppard

Campaigners have launched a petition to try and save the tree. It is unclear when works will be scheduled as Thanet council has previously advised the applicant that the tree cannot be felled during the bird nesting season and that it is an offence to remove, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built.

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