Day 3 of Duke Street tree protest camp – occupation reaches new heights

Campaigner Dan Bradley raises the stakes Photo Frank Leppard

Campaigners who have occupied a plot of land in Margate’s Old Town to protest over the felling of a Sycamore tree have taken their action to new heights.

Protester Daniel Bradley has taken the action one step further by ‘occupying’ the tree in question.

He is now settled in the branches of the Duke Street tree along with his campaign placard.

Members of Save the Duke Street Tree moved onto the Duke Street plot on Tuesday and say they intend to be on site day and night as they stage their protest.

Photo Frank Leppard

Permission to fell the tree was originally given in 2018 as part of an approval for a planning application to develop the site.

A notification of works this month was submitted by Duns Developments, based in Luton, for removal of the tree to clear the site ahead of building a four-storey property with five flats and a commercial unit.

The area the tree is in was one of two plots that were earmarked as garden sites under a Countdown to Turner scheme in 2011. However despite a spend of £7,881 on design, consultation and soil sample for the site and another at Cobbs Place, the gardens did not come to fruition.

The site was then sold at auction and permission subsequently granted for the flats development.

Thanet council says it is working hard to ensure more trees are planted across the district.

Photo Frank Leppard

Campaigners have launched a petition to try and save the tree. It is unclear when works will be scheduled as Thanet council has previously advised the applicant that the tree cannot be felled during the bird nesting season and that it is an offence to remove, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built.

Find save the Duke on facebook here

Find the petition here


  1. Is there to be a daily bulletin of this criminal trespass farce? Is nothing of note happening in Thanet?
    Covid cases, vaccine rollout, new beach regulations apropos dogs starting this weekend, TDC regeneration bid for Ramsgate …

  2. Keep going great job maybe one day tdc will get the message that people of Thanet have had enough of there failure’s, vote them all out

  3. Well done Daniel Bradley, for climbing up a tree, my 8 year old is very jealous. Also well done for all the others, for your pointless protest. When they leave the tree will still be cut down. But at least you have had nice weather for it. What ever rocks your boat. I still think their time would be better spent helping water the hundreds of new trees that have been planted across Thanet green spaces. It would be rather sad if these young trees died for lack of water. While guarding a tree that is going to be cut down soon.

    • I would not worry too much about him needing the toilet, it does not look like he is up there for long. It looks like he just popped up for a photo and not for any length of time. Most likely got to be home for 5 oclock as his Mum has tea ready. Or she will not let him go out to play tomorrow.

  4. Daniel look familiar, I’m sure I’ve chatted to him in the past? Whaever, well done for caring (and well done Kathy for the reports!).

  5. Thank you Daniel (and all the people at the camp) duns need to know that the people of Thanet won’t lie down and take this reckless abandon of our home

  6. If the area was originally earmarked as a “garden, community space ” as per the Turner Contemporary then why is the lady herself, Tracey Emin getting involved in also saving this area which has had a lot of peoples money donated to be just that…A Community area?

  7. People of Margate actually standing up for something for once instead of just moaning, putting their heads in the sand and play the victim role. This is refreshing and inspiring for those who want their community to thrive!

  8. The only criminal activity here is the fact that Thanet District Council accepted a grant to provide a community space and garden on this site and that did not materialise, so what did the council do with the grant money that was earmarked specifically for the garden.

  9. Well done and keep this going as long as possible. More publicity on environmental destruction in Thanet led by the TDC Planning manager.
    Shame on the councillors who have ignored this corruption.

  10. Question for the tree huggers.

    If the council were to give in and turn the place into a community garden would you be happy for the sycamore to be cut down ?

    Are you going to be happy with the tree being pollarded hard ? You cant leave it to grow 60 plus feet

    If your answer is No than with that type of woodland tree you cant have a small garden as nothing will grow.

    If Yes than that’s great as it could be turned into a nice community space with more smaller suitable trees for the area

    So what is the real reason for keeping the weed tree ? To stop someone building a home for human’s to live in ?

  11. Great that people are demonstrating to keep the tree, I hope everyone supports them. Take a poster and a plant. The tree is amazing. Community space is needed. Again this is all about money.

    • IF tdc were to reverse its decision regarding the tree then it’d be open to a claim for compensation from the entity that owns the land, there would be the price paid for the land and loss of expected profits. So say around 500k or so. Enough for a decent toilet block somewhere on the isle, assuming of course there is a spare 500k looking for a home.
      The tree will not be saved and within a few months no one will know it was ever there. So yes it is about money , is it really worth so much even to those who want it left as is?

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