Sound installations for Thanet railway stations in new Turner Contemporary led project

Turner Contemporary Photo Jason Pay

Turner Contemporary is leading a new Community Rail Partnership where sound installations are being created for Thanet’s railway stations.

Thanet’s Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership, run with with Thanet District Council and support from Southeastern, will cover the line and all seven stations on the route in Thanet –  Birchington-on-Sea, Westgate-on-Sea, Margate, Broadstairs, Dumpton Park, Ramsgate and Minster.

Westgate station Photo John Horton

The new Partnership will offer the community a chance to get involved in the art and the sound installations being created by Ramsgate composer Emily Peasgood.

The scheme will also encourage sustainable travel through the use of cycle networks as well as welcoming tourists, when people are able to travel.

The Partnership is working with Bikeability Trust and Kent Coast Volunteering to involve as many people as possible from across Thanet.

Turner Contemporary has commissioned  sound artist  Emily  to create a unique sound piece for each of the 7 Thanet train stations. The artwork aims to celebrate the sonic diversity of different parts of Thanet.

Emily Peasgood Photo Robert Greshoff

Emily is currently running an open call and inviting Thanet residents to submit their sounds to feature in the artwork.

She said: “I’m really interested in what sounds people think are local to each part of Thanet; sounds that form its soundscape and create a sense of ‘home’. Each piece I create will include sounds that are heard in each location, like the Benedictine nuns singing Midday Office at Minster Abbey, the rattle and click of the Scenic Railway at Dreamland, or the tinkling of Morris Dancer’s bells in Broadstairs. I want this artwork to be magical, and to paint a picture of each location with sound.”

Victoria Pomery, Director at Turner Contemporary, said: “We’re thrilled to lead this exciting partnership project which brings together art and communities across Thanet. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary Year at Turner Contemporary, the Community Rail Partnership reflects our ambition to continue our work in making the arts a vibrant, vital and fundamental part of every day life.”

Louise Askew, Director of Regeneration at Thanet District Council, added:  “We’re excited to be working in partnership with Turner Contemporary and the community on this new initiative. Many of our local residents, as well as visitors, use our train stations – some of which are great historic buildings.

“Emily’s soundscapes will help to animate these buildings, providing a wonderful welcome for all who use them. Not only  will this activity  help to encourage sustainable travel to and around the area, but it’ll also connect the stations with Thanet’s  excellent cycle routes, which will help support our tourism offering.”

Chris Vinson, Head of External Communications at Southeastern, said: “Community Rail Partnerships enrich the places along the railway lines they adopt; supporting the tourism economy and helping volunteer groups and vulnerable people in local communities.

“We’re delighted that our funding for the Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership will highlight the wealth of art and culture in Thanet as part of a £400,000 investment across our network over a two-year period.”

Thanet residents are encouraged to submit sounds recordings to feature as part of the Creative Isle CRP sound installations. The deadline for entries is the April 19.

To find out more and how to submit sound recordings visit:

There will be upcoming opportunities for the community to get involved with their local stations announced over the next few months. Keep an eye out on Turner Contemporary’s, Visit Thanet’s and Southeastern’s websites and social media platforms.


  1. You could also introduce a smell experience in the summer, no wait we get that from rotting seaweed, just a deep breath and hey presto.

  2. When thanet parkway opens will they introduce the noise of station staff as it will be no actual staff at the station.

    • Probably no customers either, it isn’t enough that the railways screw people by price increases for providing a terrible service every year, but now they want to torture them by forcing this pretentious fantasy of a women in her mid life crisis on them to boot. Just how much money have TDC/KCC & other councils wasted on pandering to these minority vanity projects by virtue signalling/being woke over the last decade plus?

    • And the sounds of cash registers ringing-that our supposed greatest artist can sell her dirty old bed for millions has inspired the rest to prove there is money for old rope.

  3. Maybe somebody can record themselves opening their bowels? More pretentious nonsense from Miss Pompousry.

  4. The stations need staffing properly, toilets that are open and functioning, good access for disabled people, clean platforms and reliable trains. The only sound i want to hear is a real person making accurate announcements that can be heard clearly. And a few plants to help our mood!

    • What a philistine you are-actually wanting such trivial things like trains to run on time, a clean station, staff etc. Why do you not appreciate the ‘sonic diversity’ of Thanet & soak in the sounds of whales & bells that are a ‘vibrant, vital & fundamental’ part of everyday life? Who cares if people get mugged or are late for a hospital appointment, as long as there is ‘artwork’ to be heard.

  5. Before the sounds are played will there be announcement along the lines of …….’these sounds a brought to you by the Turner Centre using your taxes to make this noise. We the Turner Centre are so successful as we need your hard earn taxes to pay for us middle and upper classes to pay for our hobby. After all why should people who can afford to pay for their hobby have to when the government give us your taxes, you mugs.
    Please visit the Turner Centre on your visit to see an unmade bed or a chair glued to a wall, or some paintings by adults that a 5 year could do better. Thank you for your taxes

    • Nice to see they dismissed so many of their staff recently, but have plenty of cash to waste on nonsense like this. As I have said previously sack the woman running this grtotesque vanity project & get somebody in who actually wants to promote real art & culture, charge an entrance fee & sell things so they would make a nice profit & be self-sufficient & represent the people of the area they are in-not running something for the benefit of the London/Brighton etc elitists who would stick a flag in one of the many dog turds in Thanet, call it art & sell it for 2 million.

      • Steve – a delight to read and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. An uncontrolled money pit for arty types who see things I do not in displaying rubbish

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