Art<100 exhibition at Nice Things in Ramsgate

Exhibition at Nice Things in Ramsgate

Nice Things shop and gallery in Ramsgate’s Harbour Street  has opened this year’s Art<100, exhibition.

Running from now until May 11 Art<100 showcases paintings, photography, textile, collage, print and 3D items by Thanet and Kent-based artists, with all works priced under £100.

Art<100 will be the first art exhibition at Nice Things since December 19 and is a celebration of reopening following the easing of covid restrictions.

Suzy Humphries at Nice Things in Harbour Street

Owner Suzy Humphries said: “We are so happy to reopen our doors at last and it seemed perfect to do that with a celebration of work by 60 artists. Art<100 is one of our most popular shows, which helps to support Kent’s creative infrastructure by giving 100% proceeds back to the individual artist.”

Peter Day: Steam Fayre Suzy

Art<100 started in 2018 and was immediately popular with local audiences, tourists and weekend visitors to the town of Ramsgate.

Suzy said: “After so many months of lockdown, we are excited to see 13 works sold in the first two days and we hope that it continues and generates money for artists.

Daniel Liggins: Horse and Groom Ramsgate

“Some very popular local artists are taking part and there are some entirely new to the town. Look out for Emily Tull’s thread paintings, Polly Gasston’s oil abstracts, Peter Day’s glowing watercolours and John Laven’s sensitive watercolour sketches, just a few gems amongst the 108 works in the exhibition.”

Polly Cobun My Only Sunshine

Nice Things is at 19-21 Harbour Street, Ramsgate – look for the large daisy on the window! The exhibition is open every day except Thursdays.

Opening hours:

Monday | Tuesday 10am – 3pm

Wednesday 12pm – 5pm

Thursday CLOSED

Friday | Saturday 10am – 5pm

Sunday 12pm – 4pm

Find Nice Things gallery online here


  1. Looks like my kind of Art (as opposed to the pretentious twaddle in the Ike and Tina Turner Centre!).

  2. Any artist need life models let us know my wife and I used to model when we lived in Dorset. We model together or separate.

  3. How wonderful to see a Ramsgatonian. From a 1950s born Margatonian. Forget all that Thanetian rubbish – probably created by the DFLs!!

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