A Dane Valley Woods photo exhibition has ‘disappeared’

Photos on display - and then gone

The Dane Valley Woods group is appealing for information after a photo display was removed from the site.

Seven images taken by photographer Ostara Dawn showing Dane Valley Woods nature in Summer were on display in the site noticeboard.

The pictures were the second exhibition to be featured in the noticeboard at the junction of Dane Valley Road and Kent Road and went on display on February 20.

But yesterday (April 14) Ostara discovered the photos were gone.

A Dane Valley Woods spokesperson said: “The disappearance of the photo exhibition was disheartening for the artist Ostara Dawn when she discovered it was missing on Wednesday morning.

“It is also a blow for our volunteers, who donate their own time to improving the local environment and raising awareness of wildlife, right on the doorstep of the community. The last year has been challenging, but we have been working hard behind the scenes and hope to welcome volunteers back to our monthly task days when restrictions are removed.

“If anyone has information about the disappearance of the photos, please get in touch via our social media pages.”

The Dane Valley Woods group is a volunteer-led project in Margate, growing and maintaining the 13 acre woodland on a former landfill site, for the enjoyment of the residents.

There are monthly action days (covid restriction dependent), when a team of volunteers maintains and improved the woods, and also a vital band of residents who keep the paths clear of rubbish and report any issues to local councillors or the steering group.

The group often posts photos on its facebook and Instagram pages to showcase the biodiversity at Dane Valley Woods.

More than 200 species have been identified and listed on the group’s website at https://danevalleywoods.org/wildlife/

Find out more at https://danevalleywoods.org/about/

Or find Dane Valley Woods on facebook here


  1. Dear ole dear is there nothing safe in Dane Valley certainly not the Allotments or the surrounding areas. All we read is negative news from there.

    • That’s hardly the point is it ?

      Where do you draw the line ?

      Had your phone stolen – go and buy another one.

      Had your bicycle stolen – go and buy another one.

      Had your car stolen – go and buy another one.

      • But in this instance the artist put up an installation in a place known to be problematic and as such will not be surprised by what happened. Backed up by the “disheartened” rather than the usual “distressed”. All part of being the bigger person in challenging circumstances.

  2. Thanet has very little woodland and where do they plant loads of trees…. Dane Valley. I will never visit the woods because of the location. It’s such a shame 😔

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