Tributes paid following death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

His Royal Highness Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh Credit: Atlantic-Lens-Photography

The Chairman of Kent County Council, Graham Gibbens, has expressed the deepest sympathy of the members and officers of Kent County Council on the sad passing of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh today (April 9) aged 99.

The Chairman said: “The Duke has been a constant source of support for Her Majesty The Queen during her reign and he has brought much to the UK and the commonwealth.

“His ease and good nature with the public when visiting the county, and indeed the many other parts of the UK and the world, will be remembered by many, as will his good humour and love of sports.

“Many young people have benefitted from The Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme, which offers many young people across the world the opportunity to gain the skills and experience to help them build confidence and resilience for their future.

“We pay tribute to The Duke for his unwavering support and service to the United Kingdom and our thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty and the Royal Family at this most difficult of times.”

Photo Jim Drew

The Bishop of Dover Rose Hudson-Wilkin has also paid respects, saying: “It is with great sadness that I heard the news today that Prince Philip has passed away. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

“His was a life well lived. A consort, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, elder statesman… Although out of the public gaze for some time since stepping back from public duty, one cannot think of Her Majesty without thinking of the lifelong companionship that they shared – and the support he gave to her and the nation over the years.

“A special memory I have of him was when I was received at Buckingham Palace as one of Her Majesty’s chaplains – I recall him joking with my girls. I will hold Her Majesty and her extended family in my prayers as they mourn the loss of his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.”

Flags around the diocese should now be flown at half-mast during the period of mourning.


Chairman of Thanet District Council, Cllr Jason Savage, also paid tribute, saying: “Staff and Councillors at Thanet District Council are deeply saddened to learn of the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

“Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family at this difficult time. The council’s Union Flag will be flown at half-mast until the day after the funeral as a mark of respect.

“We appreciate that many people across the district will also be deeply saddened by this news. There is an online book of condolence on the website of the Royal Household which we would like to encourage you to sign should you wish to leave a tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

“Our priority remains to keep everyone safe and, due to the current public health guidelines and lockdown restrictions around COVID-19, we will not be providing books of condolences at our buildings.”

If you are unable to access the online book of condolence you are welcome to send your tribute in writing to the following address;

Tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, The Civic Office, Sessions House, County Road, Maidstone ME14 1XQ

The Royal Household has requested that members of the public do not leave floral tributes or gather in public places to offer their respects. The Palace has suggested that people could donate to charity instead, if they wish to do so.


  1. The news about this is well over the top! Yes, I feel for the Queen, but her husband was 99, and lived a privileged life! Like about half the population who couldn’t give a jot about royalty and an unelected head of state, and all her offspring, and minor royals, I detest their inherited wealth, mostly obtained by their predecessors, by war, and exploitation of the poor! Enough! Some of us are physically sick over all this nonsense, royalty are only their to divert attention from all the mess that passes for government in this country!

    • I agree with you, Dumpton. Although I have reservations about your last sentence, as royalty was established in Britain long before a more democratic form of government was developed.

      There were 20 pages about the royal family in the I yesterday, and normal programming on Radio 4Extra was suspended for two days. Was that really necessary?

      I should think most people will feel sympathy for the bereaved family-politics doesn’t come into that.

      • True Marva, and what a mess they made of it! All those European wars, mostly due to royal families squabbling between themselves, William the Conqueror was related to Harold wasn’t he? Modern politics only started to come about when power was wrested from the King, and it cost millions of lives, including possibly 20% of the British population during the civil war. Not so much due to battles, but because warring armies lived off the land, stealing food from the poor who died of starvation, and disease! It was only when it was realised political parties were necessary, that power was taken from the King that government became more accountable (but not democratic!)

    • Peter Checksfield I will join you in saying RIP. I also say to Dumpton you must be a very bitter and twisted old man. Still cheer up summers coming and hopefully you can have a beer with all your mates and have a hug and maybe discard your mask.

      • Peter and Laurence – I concur with what you say. Dumpton is obviously very bitter and sad person. Some of us are old school and read with distain some of the comments here. As for a radio programme suspended for a day, I give up Marva!!!

        • A whole radio channel suspended for two days, plus a lot of disruption to other radio and tv channels. Was this really necessary? The BBC could simply have devoted BBC1 and Radio 4 to programmes about royalty.

          • Marva Rees. Why don’t you stop whinging about tv and radio being not to your liking this weekend. I suspect it’s more to do with your views on the monarchy.

  2. A full life well lived, one of a kind. Probably did a great deal more good than many of us could ever dream of. Kept the nation entertained over the years with his in offensive , offensive quips ( depending on your view). Worlds a lesse place with his loss.

    • LC – very well spoken. As you say, a man who did a great deal of good that many of us good never achieve.. I have never heard a bad word about him with regard to his work with D of E scheme and In my younger days I was an instructor. Kept many a young person on right path in life. Pity some of the feral youth of today in Thanet were not subject to this scheme., although I doubt looking after themselves in mountains would be beyond them!!

  3. My last comment should read ‘ I doubt feral youth of today could look after themselves in mountains on camping expedition as it would be beyond them!!’

  4. Royalists will never understand they are being conned! A bit like Trump really, how can one man, an adulterer, child abuser, pathological liar (30,000 fact checked lies in 4 years!) a persistent bankrupt, con 77 million people into voting for him? He did nothing during his presidency, unless he could personally benefit from it! A bit like Royalty in this country, they do nothing for the people, but live a life of luxury, never even having to turn a light switch on, as others do that for them. They are a con trick, and all their wealth was stolen from the poor by their ancestors!

  5. I was expecting a lot more grief than what I got! Prepare yourselves all you Royalists, this weekend will be just as nauseating for the funeral! The BBC received more complaints about their over the top coverage last week, than there ever has been in the past for any event! I don’t know what being “bitter” means, I am never bitter, but I do feel sad for all those people who lead such shallow lives, they have to venerate a little old grey headed lady, who passes as our Head of State! Royalty, they are just mental chewing gum for the ignorant, ill informed, and plain thick!

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