Emergency services called to crash on Ramsgate Road

Police attended the scene Photo Katie Louise Croud

A motorcyclist has been taken to hospital following a crash in Margate today (April 9).

Kent Police officers attended a collision between a motorbike and a van in Ramsgate Road shortly before 2pm.

The motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital and officers assisted with traffic management and the recovery of the vehicle.

The motorcyclist’s injuries are understood not to be life threatening.


    • Lesley, unless you have the full facts, you shouldn’t assume the motorcycle was speeding or using the road as a race track (although it could be true), the report does not mention a reason, or who was at fault.

      • The usual cause of an accident between a car/van and a motorcycle is the car/van driver fails to see the biker. As often as not it has nothing to do with speed. However, we should really wait to see who was at fault here.

        • that’s it blame the driver, unless you hear or see these bikers you have no idea what goes on along this road The bikers in particular have no resect for other road users on this stretch they ignore the speed limit and people wanting to cross the road are putting their lives at risk because the bikes are down the rod one minute and on top of you quicker than you can say hells bells

        • Hi Lesley, no I don’t see bikes speeding, I must be driving round with my eyes shut.

          There is no indication at the present time, that speed was the cause, or that the bike was at fault.

          Yes, I agree that many bikes speed,but not all. But many cars also speed.

  1. should have read down the road one minute the roundabout at poorhole lane is totally ignored with the bikers just going over the top it is insane
    which is why I assume the bikers are in the wrong until they prove otherwise which of course they won’t, speed is their thing.

  2. lesley peeling Being so presumptuous is a horrible thing. You didn’t see it & have no way of knowing if the biker was in the wrong.

  3. You don’t see bikes speeding!! Do you have a white stick?!

    Bloody hell you must be joking or just a idiot.

    I see them speed, I also see them overtake when it’s not permitted. Just because they ride a bike doesn’t mean they ignore the rules of the road.

    Why so many motorcycles getting hit at the moment??
    Well it’s not bad luck it’s bad riders driving them!

  4. Not all bikers ride like they’re on a racetrack. Most (myself included) ride in a safe and considerate manner. It’s called self preservation. Please don’t tar us all with the same brush.

    • I’m not starring you all Gooey. It’s a shame the idiots ruin the name of the ones who ride correctly.

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